rsstelecom IDC RSS alerts Mitel Enters Exclusive Negotiations to Acquire the Atos Unify Business, Eyeing a Broader Communications Management Role <P>Mitel announced on January 24, 2023, that it has entered exclusive negotiations to acquire the Atos Unify business, an acquisition that will not only give Mitel customers in new regions, upmarket, and in key vertical industries but also elevate Mitel's professional services and integration capabilities for large customers and customers who are on the journey across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud-based UC solutions. Although the acquisition will require Mitel to be on its game when it comes to integrating business and company cultures and more, it appears a worthwhile endeavor for the revenue sustenance it stands to provide in the face of a highly competitive unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) market where integrations rule and being able to manage the customer life cycle will build necessary trust.</P> IDC Link Fri, 03 Feb 2023 05:00:00 GMT Rich Costello, Denise Lund, Oru Mohiuddin, Mary Wardley Trends in Collaboration, Communities, Conferencing, and Events <P>This IDC Perspective looks at the continued evolution and growth of collaborative platforms including team collaboration applications, conferencing, enterprise communities, and virtual events, with a focus on what the enterprise needs to consider when moving forward. Specifically, this document brings together these seemingly distinct product types because they comprise an emerging pattern of social business that, despite economic headwinds, are increasingly required to differentiate companies regardless to whom they sell. There is now a need for robust, integrated, collaborative applications stack.</P><P>The rise of wide-ranging digital transformation collaborative applications has changed how people work, where they work, how they are deemed present at work, how they attend events, and even how work is done and measured. Core to these changes is the need for every company to be a technology-first company with a focus on customer experience (CX) and the intertwined employee experience (EX) and workforce experience. CX and EX are two sides of the same coin. We are on the "on-ramp" to an array of technological changes that are as much about communications, collaboration, personalization, and experience as they are about innovation and productivity.</P><P>"The internet is a place where we meet, collaborate, and innovate," according to Wayne Kurtzman, vice president of IDC's Collaboration, Communities, and Conferencing practice. "Collaborative, community and conferencing applications are evolving to enable a digital enterprise to recreate itself and identify new revenue streams. Virtual events are creating a new world of learning and meeting. The challenge for the enterprise and its leadership is, to paraphrase Alvin Toffler, 'to learn, unlearn, and relearn' how businesses work in this new digital era."</P> IDC Perspective Wed, 25 Jan 2023 05:00:00 GMT Wayne Kurtzman IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Future of Connectedness 2023 Predictions — APEJ Implications: Positioning for Success — Opportunities for Tech Sales and Marketing Leaders <P>This IDC Presentation is an accompanying piece to the main Future of Connectedness FutureScape 2023. It provides specific recommendations for two tech vendor personas, tech sales leaders and tech marketing leaders.</P> Market Presentation Tue, 24 Jan 2023 05:00:00 GMT Nikhil Batra, Hugh Ujhazy IDC MarketScape: Japan Collaboration and Community Applications 2022-2023 Vendor Assessment <P>本調査レポートは、国内のコラボレーティブアプリケーションおよびコミュニティアプリケーション市場、もしくはこれらのプラットフォーム市場における主要ベンダーに対して、IDC MarketScapeモデルに基づいて「戦略」および「能力」の評価を行い、その分析結果を報告するものである。</P><P>パンデミックの発生で、国内ではコラボレーション/コミュニティツールの使用が一気に拡大したが、ハイブリッドワークの定着が進み、ツールの使用が成熟するにつれ、これらのツールを導入した当時とは異なる課題をITバイヤーは認識し始めている。ベンダー側も市場のニーズの変化や拡大に伴って貪欲に機能の拡充に努めており、各ベンダーが提供する関連製品や機能を理解し、評価するに当たってはかなりの労力を要する作業となっている。本調査レポートは社内と社外(社外ステークホルダーを含める)におけるコラボレーションやコミュニティの醸成に課題を抱えるITバイヤーに対し、既存製品のアップグレードを検討する際のポイント、もしくは新製品の導入を検討する際のベンダー選定におけるポイントを整理し、意思決定の支援を目的とするものである。IDC Japan、Verticals & Cross Technologiesのグループマネージャーである市川 和子は、「本調査レポートを閲覧する企業では、コラボレーション/コミュニティツールをすでに導入しているであろう。しかし、現状に満足するのではなく、チームワークをさらに効率的に進め、そしてコラボレーションを向上する方法を研究し、優れた機能を積極的に取り入れるべきである。企業全体で見ると、こういった取り組みの積み重ねが今後の生産性の向上の肝となろう」と述べている。</P> IDC MarketScape Thu, 19 Jan 2023 05:00:00 GMT Kazuko Ichikawa 한국IDC, 아태지역* 팀 협업 및 화상 회의 솔루션 리더 기업으로 구글, 마이크로소프트, 줌 선정 2023년 1월 18일, 서울  – IT 시장분석 및 컨설팅 기관인 인터내셔날데이터코퍼레이션코리아 (International Data Corporation Korea Ltd., 이하 한국IDC, 대표 한은선, )는 최근 발간된 “IDC마켓스케이프: 아태지역(일본제외) 팀협업 및 화상 회의 벤더 역량 평가(2022년-2023년) ” 보고서에서 구글, 마이크로소프트 그리고 줌이  업계를 선두하는 ‘리더’ 그룹으로 선정됐다고 금일 발표했다. 이어 알리바바(Alibaba), 바이트댄스(ByteDance), 슬랙(Slack), 텐센트(Tencent)와 조호(Zoho)가 리더 그룹을 잇는 ‘메이저’ 벤더로 선정됐다. IDC 마켓스케이프 보고서에서는 팀 협업 및 화상 회의 기능을 제공하는 벤더의 역량 및 전략을 세부 항목별 프레임워크에 기반하여 평가하고 기업 구매자들에게 올바른 가이드를 제공한다.IDC 조사에 따르면, 설문 응답자의 71%가 매일 업무 환경에서 커뮤니케이션 및 협업툴을 사용한다고 응답하며 직원들이 해당 솔루션을 가장 자주 사용하는 것으로 나타났다. 지난 2년간 팬데믹으로 인해 기업의 원격 및 하이브리드 업무가 증가했다. 이에 따라 팀 협업 및 화상 회의 솔루션에 대한 수요가 급증하며 해당 시장의 성장에 기여한 것으로 분석된다. IDC의 아태지역 통합 커뮤니케이션 및 협업 시장 전망에 따르면 2022년부터 2026년까지 5년간 연평균 성장률 10%로 높은 성장을 이룰 것으로 예상된다.보고서에 따르면 기술 벤더는 증가하는 시장 니즈와 경쟁에 대응하기 위하여 타사 제품 및 플랫폼과의 연결뿐만 아니라 차별화된 새로운 기능을 선보이며 원활한 워크플로우를 지원하고 사용자 경험, 커뮤니케이션 및 협업을 개선해 나가고 있다. 조직은 기본적인 협업 기능 외에도 실시간 분석, 로우코드/노코드, AR/VR, 스마트 화이트보드와 같은 보다 향상된 팀 기능 및 협업 기술에 투자하기 시작한 것으로 나타났다. 협업 솔루션은 앞으로 하이브리드 인력을 지원하기 위해 더욱 지능적이고 몰입 환경을 제공하며 보편화 될 전망이다.IDC 아시아 태평양 지역에서 미래의 업무 부문 리서치를 담당하는 릴리 판(Dr. Lily Phan) 리서치 디렉터는 “조직은 전사적으로 기술을 활용하여 비즈니스 문제를 해결하고 워크 플로우를 향상시켜야 한다. 이를 위하여 직원의 협업 역량을 높일 수 있는 즉각적이고 심리스하며 통합되고 직관적인 협업 툴이 필수”라고 언급했다. Research Press Release Wed, 18 Jan 2023 05:00:00 GMT Telcos in the Metaverse Era <P>This IDC Market Perspective explores the many definitions of the metaverse with a deep dive on how the telco industry engages with the metaverse. The report also introduces the IDC Metaverse Value Chain Framework. From this, it analyzes the different activities and initiatives of telcos in the metaverse era, as well as the influence of the metaverse on telco business, partner, and customer relationships. </P><P>"While precise visions of the metaverse vary, none can be delivered without the support of advanced connectivity. Telcos should start developing long-term strategies and formulating investment initiatives that will ensure they can meet the metaverse-related needs of their consumer and enterprise customers. At IDC, we see the most advanced telcos already moving beyond connectivity to develop new metaverse-related services for both B2C and B2B," said Chris Silberberg, research manager, IDC's EMEA Telecommunications Insights. </P> Market Perspective Tue, 17 Jan 2023 05:00:00 GMT Masarra Mohamed, Chris Silberberg Team Collaboration and Video Conferencing Leaders and Major Players for 2022-2023 in Asia/Pacific* named by IDC IDC’s market forecast shows a 10% market growth for Unified Communication and Collaboration in 2022-2026 in Asia/Pacific Research Press Release Sun, 15 Jan 2023 05:00:00 GMT State of European Enterprise Communications, 2H22 <P>This IDC Presentation looks at the development of enterprise connectivity markets in Europe and related activities. It draws on IDC’s ongoing forecasts and research into the enterprise communications market and IDC’s Semiannual Telecom Services Tracker, 2022H1, published in November 2022.</P> Market Presentation Thu, 12 Jan 2023 05:00:00 GMT James Eibisch IDC TechScape: Worldwide Unified Communications and Collaboration Technologies, 2022 <P>This IDC study provides a systematic assessment of technologies related to unified communications and collaboration in 2022. The IDC TechScape is an evaluation based on a comprehensive framework and a set of parameters that assess the factors that are expected to be most conducive to success in the UC&C market, short term and long term.</P><P>"This IDC research is a revision of the IDC TechScape for UC&C technologies we last did in 2020," says Denise Lund, research VP, Worldwide Telecom and Unified Communications. "It's designed exclusively for technology professionals in IT buyer organizations, which includes CIOs and senior technology professionals, strategists, and IT buyers from IT or lines of business."</P> IDC TechScape Fri, 30 Dec 2022 05:00:00 GMT Denise Lund, Rich Costello IDC MarketScape: Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Team Collaboration and Videoconferencing 2022–2023 Vendor Assessment <P>This IDC MarketScape uses the IDC MarketScape model to provide an assessment of eight providers in the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) (APEJ) team collaboration and videoconferencing market. The IDC MarketScape is an evaluation based on a comprehensive framework and set of parameters that assess vendors relative to one another and to those factors expected to be most conducive to success in the APEJ market during the short term and long term.</P><P>Team collaboration and videoconferencing solutions go beyond attending meetings and having a conversation with colleagues. The rise of hybrid work and workplace redesign drives vendors to enhance their offerings and introduce new capabilities. Furthermore, user demands will change as we see enhancements in technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), 5G, and metaverse, and these demands are expected to offer tremendous opportunities for team collaboration and videoconferencing solutions in APEJ. Vendors are mostly differentiated in advanced features, such as security, integration abilities, low-code/no-code development, live translation, and transcription. Although a few companies are facing pricing challenges and growing in the APEJ market.</P><P>"Team collaboration and videoconferencing tools are becoming ubiquitous for hybrid work," says Dr. Lily Phan, research director for future of work at IDC. "They are not only used for internal communication and collaboration, but they include ways to connect and engage with clients. Security, integration ability, user friendliness, and advanced features are the differentiators for vendors in the APEJ market to be successful," she adds.</P> IDC MarketScape Thu, 22 Dec 2022 05:00:00 GMT Lily Phan, Dr. Chris Marshall, Karthik Umachigi, Akshay Arun Gulhane