rsstelecom IDC RSS alerts To Cope With a Huge Debt Burden, Altice Sells a Share of its FTTH Network in France <P>Altice has sold 49.99% of its fiber optic assets in French very low and medium density areas and will receive €1.8 billion to decrease its debt. The new company, SFR FTTH, a wholesale provider, already connects 1 million and will pass at least 4 million homes.</P> IDC Link Mon, 03 Dec 2018 05:00:00 GMT Bruno Teyton Market Analysis Perspective: Japan Applications and Solutions, 2018 <P>本プレゼンテーションは、国内ユニファイドコミュニケーション(UC)/コラボレーション/CRM(Customer Relationship Management)アプリケーション/EA(Enterprise Applications)ソフトウェア市場に関連する2017年の市場動向、各市場セグメントの動向、および2018~2022年の予測を提供する。IDCでは、国内UC/コラボレーション/CRMアプリケーション/EAソフトウェア市場の調査レポートを年間情報提供サービスとして提供している。このサービスでは、国内の企業向けアプリケーションに関連する市場を定義し、各市場の動向と市場規模を調査、分析して報告する。</P> Market Analysis Perspective Tue, 27 Nov 2018 05:00:00 GMT Takashi Manabe Vodafone Analyst Summit 2018: "Pleased, but not Satisfied" <P>This IDC Perspective presents highlights from Vodafone's Annual Analyst Summit covering the operator's Global Enterprise business that took place on October 31 and November 1, 2018, in London, and our view of their significance. </P><P>"Transformation and disruption are themes that resonate well with enterprise customers, and both feature strongly in Vodafone Group Enterprise's strategy," said John Delaney, IDC's Associate VP, Mobility.</P> IDC Perspective Mon, 26 Nov 2018 05:00:00 GMT Jan Hein Bakkers, Mike Cansfield, John Delaney, James Eibisch, John Gole, Amy Lind, Eric Owen, Gabriele Roberti, Rosie Secchi Oracle Reinforces Real-Time Communications Portfolio with Talari SD-WAN Buy <P>Oracle's purchase of Talari is driven by the vision that cloud-hosted real-time communications (RTC) application sessions need not just the security and management provided by session border controllers but also the predictability, availability, and reliability that enterprise users have come to expect from their voice and video sessions delivered from the internal datacenter over MPLS. Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) provides the solution. Talari's proprietary Failsafe SD-WAN, with its dynamic policy-based application traffic routing and subsecond failover features, appears to be a good fit with Oracle's RTC portfolio.</P> IDC Link Mon, 19 Nov 2018 05:00:00 GMT Rajesh Ghai, Brad Casemore, Rich Costello, Brandon Butler, Rohit Mehra The State of European Enterprise Communications, November 2018 <P>This IDC Presentation analyzes the state of the enterprise communications market in Western Europe. It examines the development of the market in recent quarters, as well as trends and communication service provider strategies, and ties them to IDC's outlook for enterprise connectivity services in the coming years.</P> Market Presentation Mon, 19 Nov 2018 05:00:00 GMT Jan Hein Bakkers Theatro Private Vendor Watchlist Profile: Orchestrating Communication, IoT, and Data Analytics on a Wearable Device <P>This IDC Insight analyzes Theatro, a company playing in the wearables and unified communications market, and reviews key success factors: market potential, products and services, competitive edge, customers, and corporate strategy. Detailed subquestions make up each of the five success factors, which are assigned a value from 1 (weak) to 4 (strong). Leveraging IDC's expert understanding of the competitive landscape and future outlook, this document provides insight into private companies based on IDC's unique watch score system:</P><UL><LI><B>Market</B><B> potential:</B> Market growth potential, strength of competition, and current stage of market (early adopters versus late majority)</LI><LI><B>Products and services:</B> Level of differentiation, disruptive capability, and scalability</LI><LI><B>Competitive edge:</B> Competitive landscape and peer assessment</LI><LI><B>Customers:</B> Number of existing customers, quality of existing customer base, geographic reach, and size of addressable market in the next years given the vendor's current capabilities</LI><LI><B>Corporate strategy:</B> Go-to-market strategy, management pedigree, and financial status (running on venture capital with insignificant revenue versus self-sustaining and not seeking additional rounds of funding)</LI></UL> Insight Thu, 15 Nov 2018 05:00:00 GMT Ramon T. Llamas, Jaclyn Lewis Enterprise Communications Survey, 2018: U.S. and Western Europe Network Priorities, Strategies, and Spending <P>This IDC Survey analyzes U.S. and Western European key technology and services trends based on IDC's 2018 <I>Enterprise Communications Survey</I>. It compares selected results around companies' ICT investment strategies, investment areas, technology and services adoption levels, and services provider selection criteria. It also provides guidance for network services suppliers and telecommunications providers.</P><P>"With the development of the market and maturing state of technologies, differences between regions become less obvious. Cloud and security remain the top investment areas in Western Europe and the U.S.," said Ksenia Efimova, senior research analyst, IDC European Telecommunications and Networking.</P> IDC Survey Tue, 13 Nov 2018 05:00:00 GMT Ksenia Efimova, Amy Lind Twilio Celebrates 10 Years, Continues Momentum with Impressive 3Q18 Earnings Results <P>On November 6, Twilio reported its 3Q18 earnings. The company recorded another impressive quarter of growth with revenue of $168 million, up 68% over 3Q17 and up 14% sequentially over 2Q18. GAAP net loss from operations was $25 million, slightly higher than the $24 million of 3Q17, but the company also realized non-GAAP income of $4.3 million, compared with a non-GAAP loss of $7.7 million in 3Q17. Wall Street was thrilled at the news and responded with an enthusiastic buy, as the company comfortably exceeded expectations. According to Twilio's CEO Jeff Lawson, the company is well on its way to achieving its stated goals for 2018, which is "to further our push into a strategic software platform for customer engagement through our buildout of the Engagement Cloud, and to expand our position as developers' first choice for communications."</P> IDC Link Tue, 13 Nov 2018 05:00:00 GMT Larry Carvalho, Courtney Munroe, Mark Winther Worldwide Enterprise Videoconferencing Equipment Forecast, 2018–2022 <P>This IDC study discusses the worldwide enterprise videoconferencing equipment market that continues its transition to cloud-based offerings and lower-cost video endpoint prices.</P><P>"We continue to see the proliferation of popular team collaboration offerings including a video component, lower-cost video endpoints, cloud-based video services, and growing web browser usage combining to drive interest in and ease of video collaboration," said Rich Costello, senior research analyst, Worldwide Unified Communications and Enterprise Communications Infrastructure.</P> Market Forecast Tue, 06 Nov 2018 05:00:00 GMT Rich Costello 中国网络会议市场份额,2017:云端协同,提升用户体验 <P>IDC《中国公有云市场跟踪报告》显示,2017年中国公有云市场服务收入超过40亿美元,同比增长64.5%,云服务市场不但没有随着市场规模的扩大而减速,反而出现了加速增长的势头,这将进一步促进网络会议的发展,尤其是基于公有云网络会议的发展。IDC认为,随着国家对新一代通信技术的推动,互联网资费的持续下降,公有云基础设施的日益完善,公有云应用的普及率将持续提高,基于公有云的网络会议在用户应用中的渗透率还有非常大的提升空间,而基于混合云的网络会议,在传统硬件视频会议的改造项目中,将具有更大的竞争优势。</P><P>"1.0时代的网络会议更多的是满足企业的会议场景需求,但随着企业数字化转型的变革,视频已经不再局限于会议应用,网络会议也不再是简单的内部沟通工具,更是有望成为推动企业用户体验提升、产品服务创新、商业模式转型的催化剂。,面对数字化转型带来的挑战与机遇,与行业应用整合,融合更多的数字化技术,如:人工智能、虚拟现实/增强现实(VR/AR)、物联网、移动、社交等,帮助企业和最终用户打破空间界限,拉近距离,2.0时代的网络会议市场将拥有更大的发展潜力",IDC中国电信和物联网研究部研究经理崔凯如是说。</P> Market Share Tue, 06 Nov 2018 05:00:00 GMT Kai Cui