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IDC examines enterprise, mid-tier, and consumer security solutions covering the full spectrum of hardware, software and services required to execute business critical security processes. Through primary and secondary research, including customer surveys and interviews, IDC provides insights on buying behavior, go-to-market business models, Identity & Access Management (IAM) and multiple other areas of coverage. Subscribers to IDC security research receive direct access to industry analysts, who can supply competitive analysis and act as an early warning system for security market changes. For more than a decade, security vendors, corporate leaders and the financial community have turned to IDC for information and insight to develop their security business strategies.

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Michelle Abraham
Research Director, Security and Trust
Analyst Photo
Jay Bretzmann
Research Vice President, Security Products
Analyst Photo
Philip Bues
Research Manager, Cloud Security
Analyst Photo
Amy Cravens
Research Manager, Governance, Risk, and Compliance
Analyst Photo
Frank Dickson
Group Vice President, Security & Trust
Analyst Photo
Pete Finalle
Senior Research Analyst
Analyst Photo
Jennifer Glenn
Research Director
Analyst Photo
Mike Jude
Research Director, Video Surveillance & Vision Applications
Analyst Photo
Christopher Kissel
Research Vice President, Security & Trust Products
Analyst Photo
Ed Lee
Research Director, Internet of Things and Intelligent Edge Security
Analyst Photo
Hoang Nguyen
Group Vice President, Worldwide Tracker Program
Analyst Photo
Ryan O’Leary
Research Director, Privacy and Legal Technology
Analyst Photo
Simon Piff
Vice President of Security Practice
Analyst Photo
Christopher Rodriguez
Research Director, Security & Trust
Analyst Photo
Monika Soltysik
Senior Research Analyst, Security & Trust Products
Analyst Photo
Michael Suby
Research Vice President, Security & Trust
Analyst Photo
Grace Trinidad
Research Director, Future of Trust
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