The days of virtualization being used only as a tactical tool to drive consolidation and higher system utilization are quickly ending.

The use of virtualization

has matured from simple partitioning and encapsulation to leveraging the mobility of virtual machines to improve management and operations of IT environments. Virtualization 2.0 includes a host of new use cases that range from high availability and disaster recovery to hosted clients and true utility computing.

Analyst Photo
Matthew Eastwood
Senior Vice President, Enterprise Infrastructure, Cloud, Developers and Alliances
Analyst Photo
Romain Fouchereau
Research Manager, European Security
Analyst Photo
Satoshi Fukutomi
Group Manager, Enterprise Infrastructure, IDC Japan
Analyst Photo
Al Gillen
Group Vice President, Software Development and Open Source
Analyst Photo
Mitsuhiro Iriya
Group Manager, Software & Security, IDC Japan
Analyst Photo
Giorgio Nebuloni
AVP, Verticals and DX Research, Europe
Analyst Photo
Hiroshi Shibutani
Senior Market Analyst, PC, Mobile & Client Solution, IDC Japan
Analyst Photo
Rick Villars
Group Vice President Worldwide Research
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