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Worldwide Semiannual Big Data and Analytics Software Tracker

Analyst Team Information
Rasmus Andsbjerg
Rasmus Andsbjerg
Program Director, WW Software and Public Cloud Services Trackers
Wilvin Chee
Wilvin Chee
Vice President, Worldwide Software and Services Trackers,
Dan Vesset
Dan Vesset
Group Vice President, Analytics and Information Management
David Schubmehl
David Schubmehl
Research Director, Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence Systems
Mary Wardley
Mary Wardley
Program Vice President, Loyalty and Customer Care
Maureen Fleming
Maureen Fleming
Program Vice President, Integration and Process Automation
Chandana Gopal
Chandana Gopal
Research Manager, Business Analytics
Thomas Vavra
Thomas Vavra
Associate Vice President, Software, CEMA
Tsuneo Tosaka
Tsuneo Tosaka
Research Manager, Software & Security, IDC Japan
Chris Zhang
Chris Zhang
Research Manager, IDC Asia/Pacific Software Research Group.
Jeronimo Piña
Jeronimo Piña
Program Manager, Software and Cloud Solutions, Latin America
Julie Ross
Julie Ross
Director, Software and Cloud Services Trackers