IDC Security Conference Putting Security at the Heart of the Business

DIGITAL Event | April 28, 2020


Due to the current global situation, IDC have taken the decision to make the Security Conference that is taking place on 28th April a virtual conference. This decision was taken as the safety of our sponsors, delegates and staff is paramount, and our communities health should be placed above all else.

We will be hosting the event using GoTo Webinar so if you would like to register please email me on and I can provide you with the link.


The expectations of, and pressures on, security teams are changing. IDC’s research shows that the #1 business expectation of security is to provide the digital trust required to enable digital transformation. This starts with security operational excellence. It requires risk management to demonstrate the business impact of security. And it results in full alignment between security and the business. Security by design. Privacy by design. Throughout and beyond the business.

Join IDC on April 28th to learn more and discuss the below:  

  • Operational Excellence
  • Cloud Security
  • Security by Design
  • Future of Threat Life Cycle Management
  • Edge Computing
  • IoT Security
  • Blockchain



Key Topics


Security Operational Excellence

Enterprises need to build "security by design" into company culture and outsource to fill any gaps around scale and capability.


Risk Management

A risk-driven security strategy will have greater impact and justify security investment.


Security Governance

Setting a governance model that links business objectives and security goals is key to sustaining enterprise performance.


Digital Trust

Trust is the outcome of full alignment between security and business throughout the organization, enhancing governance, transactions, and supply ecosystems.


Building Resilience

A resilient infrastructure is crucial for maintaining operations despite attacks or outages, thus minimizing risk and losses.


AI, ML, and Security Automation

Harnessing ML and AI for security automation empowers analysts to build security seamlessly into business processes.


Time Event & Speakers

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Chair’s Opening Remarks

Dan Timberlake

Group Vice President & Country Manager, IDC UK

A Blueprint for Security Transformation

Dominic Trott

Asscociate Director, IDC

Platinum Keynote: Stay in Control and Secure as Entire Workforces Work Remotely

Ollie Sheridan

Principal Engineer, Security (EMEA), Gigamon

We are in the midst of a global workplace shift that’s causing a major impact on every IT organisation: Rapid adoption of a “work from home” (WFH) policy. This situation is dramatically increasing pressure on existing IT systems that were never designed for this scenario. And economic uncertainty is driving an ever-increasing focus on cost containment across every industry.

To be successful, organisations need to learn how to:

• Keep running their business fast in the shift from LAN to WAN

• Stay secure as the organisation turns outside-in

• Do more with less

Learn what this shift means for your network and how you can stay ahead of this tsunami.


End User Keynote: Data Breach Evolution

Becky Pinkard


Platinum Keynote: The Data Breach vs. The Ethics Breach: How to Prepare for Both

Dave Horton

Privacy Solutions Manager, OneTrust

In today’s age of 72-hour breach reporting and the 24/7 news cycle, data breaches seem like a daily headline. While consumers may no longer be shocked by their data being lost or stolen, the way in which an incident occurs can impact the level of reputational damage following an breach. Stakeholders are understanding the difference between a data breach that may occur from a security flaw and an “ethics breach,” where a company was careless with personal information or sought to capitalize on the improper use of data. In this session, we’ll review case studies from recent breaches and analyze which situations qualify as an “ethics breach.” We’ll also handout an incident and breach toolkit, including tips to avoid the catastrophe of an ethics breach violation in your company.


Panel Discussion Panel consisting of the morning’s presenters – Q&A

Dominic Trott

Asscociate Director, IDC

Richard Agnew

VP EMEA, Code42

Becky Pinkard


Ollie Sheridan

Principal Engineer, Security (EMEA), Gigamon

Dave Horton

Privacy Solutions Manager, OneTrust

Gold TechTalk: How to Simplify Overcomplicated Data Center Network Security

Thibault Surgeul

Senior Sales Engineer - UK & Ireland, Guardicore

Gold TechTalk: Harnessing Identity to Position Security as a Business Enabler

Barry McMahon

Senior Manager, IAM, LastPass by LogMeIn

Lunch Break ¦ One to One Meetings With Analysts and Sponsors


IDC Connect (Parallel Sessions)

Delegates are invited to attend the following facilitated peer to peer discussion groups. Following one hour of discussion, debate and idea sharing, each discussion group will share with the audience

e their key takeaways from their conversations, so that you don't miss out on any of the areas below.

IDC Connect Table 1

14:00 - 15:30

Why Prevention has Failed Insider Threat

Mark Child

Research Manager, European Security, IDC CEMA

Chris Weston

Experienced C-Level IT Leader and Advisor, IDC United Kingdom and Ireland

IDC Connect Table 2

14:00 - 15:30

Understanding and Securing Apps with an Entirely Remote Workforce

Ollie Sheridan

Principal Engineer, Security (EMEA), Gigamon

Romain Fouchereau

Research Manager, IDC

IDC Connect Table 3

14:00 - 15:30

Safe & Secure Business Continuity with Segmentation

Thibault Surgeul

Senior Sales Engineer - UK & Ireland, Guardicore

Konstantin Rychkov

Research Manager, Software, European Region, Western Europe

IDC Connect Table 4

14:00 - 15:30

Scaling Third-Party Risk Management to Build Digital Trust

Vipul Asher

Privacy Consulting Manager, OneTrust

Ralf Helkenberg

Research Manager - Privacy & Data Security, IDC UK

IDC Connect Table 5

14:00 - 15:30

Security and the Kitchen Table: Securing the New Place of Work

Barry McMahon

Senior Manager, IAM, LastPass by LogMeIn

Claudio Stahnke

Senior Research Analyst, European Security Services, IDC UK

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Platinum Partner
Platinum Partner
Gold Partner
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Who Will Be Joining Online?

We will be bringing together a select group of over 80 IT professionals. The primary job titles in attendance on the day include:

  • VP/Heads/Directors/Managers of:
    • Security
    • Risk
    • Digital
    • Operations
    • Cloud
    • IT
    • Procurement
    • Architecture

2019 Highlight Video

Highlights of IDC's Security Conference in 2019! Listen to what people say about the content of these sessions and join our virtual conference in 2020!


Knowledge Hub



How to Make Segmentation Fast & Simple with a Single Policy | Guardicore Centra™ Security

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How Guardicore offers a simpler, faster way to guarantee persistent and consistent security for any application, in any IT environment

Guardicore is a cloud and data center security company that protects your organization’s core assets using flexible, quickly-deployed, and easy to understand segmentation and micro-segmentation controls.

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