Future of Infrastructure

Why Digital Infrastructure Requires Change

May 13 - September 1, 2020


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Organizations across all industries are transforming internal business processes, customer engagements and entire business processes. Existing infrastructure is one of the most prevalent inhibitors for transformation as it is too rigid and cannot efficiently provide the resources that applications and services need to support the business – either because it does not scale with demand or because it does not integrate the appropriate applications & data.

Infrastructure needed to support digital business agenda will be radically different than today, and we talk about digital platform rather than infrastructure. Focus will shift from different elements in the technology stack to orchestration and governance of the services and integrations that are needed. 

The process towards a digital platform involves embracing new technologies and deployment models, and dissolving the monolithic architecture and embracing microservices, container platforms and APIs are key for building an agile and scalable IT platform.  

In this webcast IDC Nordic will present and discuss: 

What are the most prevalent infrastructure related inhibitors for digital transformation among your peers in the Nordics?   

How fast do you need to modernize the enterprise infrastructure to remain competitive in your business?  

What are the building blocks needed and how do you build the platform for supporting the digital first business environment of tomorrow? 



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May 13, 2020


10:00 AM CET



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Welcome by IDC


Why Digital Infrastructure Requires Change?

Anders Elbak

Associate Director, IDC Nordic

10 years with Cloud - is your strategy still right?

Brian Rasmussen

Nordic CTO & Technical Sales Executive, IBM

Over the past decade, many companies have moved to Public Cloud in the hope of achieving greater agility, reducing costs and achieving a more consistent IT environment. 

Today, however, less than 20% of corporate workloads have actually moved to Public Cloud, and the experience is mixed. Many have not achieved the desired improvements. Why? and how do you get there? 

In this pitch, we take a closer look at the experiences IBM has made with our customers and why public cloud is only part of the response to the last 80% of corporate workloads. 

After the session, you are well prepared to give your Cloud strategy a reality check, and perhaps a brush-up. 


How to optimize and adapt your infrastructure in order to gain flexibility, agility, scalability and cost savings

Tony Franck

EMEA Technical Expert for business applications & cloud, Hitachi Vantara

Choose a modern IT solution that delivers on all the promises of starting fast and easy, scale and grow with simplicity, manage everything from your vCenter and take full control of your costs. An autonomous hybrid cloud datacenter with fully automated rollout of new VM’s, agile changes and scaling up or down with proven full sw/hw upgrades in a single click, makes the modern datacenter as easy as Public Cloud and kickstarts your Cloud journey.


How Flex Consumption solutions combine World class technology with Public Cloud levels of flexibility - creating Agility and unlocking immediate savings

Neil Lewis

Cloud Sales Specialist at Hitachi Vantara EMEA, Hitachi Vantara

Companies are changing how they acquire and consume IT. Learn about the value of Flexible Consumption and how it supports those new trends, through for example Flexible Capacity as a Service with Pay per use Elastic Consumption.


Discussion Q&A session - moderated by IDC


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IDC's "Future of" Webcast Series



Future of Work

April 29, 10:00 AM CET

In this webcast IDC Nordic will present and discuss: 

  • Work culture – collaboration will change towards agility, skills sourcing, planning and development will protect the human assets of a company, and new metrics for employee efficiency will emerge.
  • Workspace – mobility and remote working will be enabled, security and trust between employer and employee will be a strategic imperative.
  • Workforce – automation will be adopted on a large-scale changing work processes and removing repetitive tasks, new ways of human/machine collaboration will emerge.  

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Future of Customers

May 6, 10:00 AM CET

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Future of Intelligence

May 20, 10:00 AM CET

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  • Nordic status of data management and analysis 
  • Nordic status of AI 
  • Expectations for Nordic adoption of intelligent automation of processes

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