The race to digital transformation continues. According to IDC, 55% of the global economy will be digitized by 2021. Leveraging the latest technologies to achieve business transformation, innovation and growth, has become central to the future of organizations and will be the foundation of healthy development in the digital economy.

To better support businesses in their digital transformation journey, it is imperative for CXOs to transform their way of thinking and leverage on the experience and knowledge from other industries as well as their own.

IDC believes in providing a peer-group platform for C-level executives (or CXOs) from various industries where insights and best practices can be shared so that business leaders can make informed decisions. The IDC CXO Excellence Circle was created with this purpose in mind.


Cross-border, Integration, Sharing, Exchange, and Excellence


Provide a platform for CXOs to communicate, share, and network to achieve excellence in business transformation and innovation; as well as provide input to IDC CXO research and events; and to help equip technology and solution providers with in-depth insights into user needs and find business opportunities.


Industry CXOs including CEO, CTO, CIO, CMO, COO, CFO and CHRO, industry association heads, as well as members of the academe (university professors).


Industry CXOs (by invitation only)

Meeting Format and Agenda

(20-30 mins)

(40-60 mins)

(40-60 mins)

Meeting Description

Overview: Each meeting gathers 15 CXOs from large and medium-sized enterprises to discuss topics on business transformation and innovation. Other topics for discussion include technology applications, organizational and worksource transformation, and industry trends.

Participating Industries:
Executives from Banking and Financial services, Insurance, Telecommunications, Government and Public Sector, Manufacturing, Retail, Health, Education, Real Estate, Transportation, Energy, and more.
Topics Covered:
Presentations and discussions will focus on the pain points and core needs of Chinese enterprises as discussed by distinguished guests, with IDC and guests providing other key market observations, trends and insights.
Digital Presence:
IDC WeChat official accounts, CXO WeChat group, IDC official website, and more.
Meeting Frequency and Location:
Monthly gathering will be held mainly in Beijing, as well as other key cities in China such as include Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen.

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