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Digital-First Strategies for Volatile Times

IDC Summit

What is around the corner for the technology market in 2023?

As we are moving from one crisis to the next, organizations need to adapt or stay behind. IDC Summit is here to provide you with insights into critical trends, rising opportunities and new strategic options.
In times like these, the CIO’s highest value will be their ability to look at the integrated business and IT portfolio, make the tough decisions and adjust IT strategy. How to get beyond the usual focus on operational efficiency? Businesses that want to move from the phase of discussing the “digital transformation” to the active embrace of digital-first business need visionary leadership.
Further, this new digital-first business model includes the Future CIO as a member of its leadership team as it strives to deliver the transformational capabilities, services, and products the business needs to meet this new imperative.
Why Attend?
IDC Summit will take you through the current storm of disruptions and market uncertainties. Our analysts will share their latest insights. After attending the event, you will have actionable guidance for managing and communicating IT investment priorities and implementation strategies.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!


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Sergej Berendsen

CEO, Metri

Nevena Conić Show full profile linkedin

Nevena Conić

Regional Manager, IDC Adriatics

Sasho Tasevski Show full profile linkedin

Sasho Tasevski

Director, ISG Technology Consulting, CEE, dell Technologies

Ksenija Škrlj

Consultant, Digital development and Business Processes

Dušan Stojaković

Senior Manager Global Sustainability, STADA

Dragan Petkovic

Director, Adriatics, Middle East and South Asia, Pyramid Analytics, Pyramid Analytics

Tamara Slapar Show full profile linkedin

Tamara Slapar

Deputy ICT Director, ELES

Dara Dobrijević Show full profile linkedin

Dara Dobrijević

Team Lead, BE-terna

Oliver Smolčić

Named Account Manager, Fortinet, Fortinet

Dušan Raičević

Research Analyst, Software, European Region, IDC

Aleksandar Nedeljkovic

Chief Business Officer, Mainstream

Snežana Ignjatić

Head of Organization and IT Division, Erste Bank

Ewa Zborowska

Senior Research Manager, IDC Poland

Andro Galinović

Chief Information Security Officer, Infobip

Milan Simić

Country Manager, Nortal

Zoran Ilić

Senior Account Executive, SAS

Matija Jurin Show full profile linkedin

Matija Jurin

Senior Business Development Manager, Comping

Zoran Malinović

Head of Business Development, Wolt Serbia

Dusan Brdar

CIO, Fashion Company

Bela Klašnja

CTO, Ananas

Jelena Vuletic

ACC Leadership and Somatic coach, founder of Balance to Business, Member of the Management Board for Risks at Hipotekarna Banka.

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