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AI Trends Reshaping Digital Landscapes

IDC FutureScape


Fotogaleria IDC FutureScape 2024

A Deep Dive into AI-Driven Resilience

"Although data and analytics technologies have existed and have been leveraged for decades, the emergence of GenAI and maturation of classic AI/ML have created an environment of great expectations and great concerns for all organizations."

Source: Five Cost Management Tips for IT Leaders


In the coming years, a series of interconnected challenges across economic, political, and social landscapes will test the resilience of companies globally, introducing disruptions that demand strategic adaptations. It's crucial to acknowledge that organizations equipped with apt digital frameworks will possess a heightened capacity to navigate through uncertainties, mitigating potential upheavals and steering towards a more resilient digital landscape. 

The evolution of industry ecosystems marks a pivotal phase in digital transformation, where organizations increasingly recognize the significance of forging new business models through collaborative partnerships. The landscape is set to witness transformative impacts on players, buyers, and society at large, ushered in by groundbreaking technologies such as Generative AI.

Why Attend?

If you want to: 

  • Gain valuable insights into the strategies for initiating and sustaining a digital business, navigating the challenges, and flourishing within this transformative landscape
  • Generate new possibilities for your own organizations
  • Take part in discussions with IDC analysts on the critical technology and business themes that will impact technology

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Thursday February 8, 2024

Check-in & Networking


Welcome IDC FutureScape 2024


IDC FutureScape: Portuguese 2024 Predictions


AI for Business


Oustsystems Presentation: Shaping the future: Low-code and Gen AI - better together


Digital Leader Panel: Digital Transformation Projects in the Public Sector in Portugal


Networking Break and Meetings




Reimagining an AI Everywhere Digital Future


As novas tendências e desafios na conformidade da faturação eletrónica a nível mundial.


How to leverage AI with Celonis


The power of Gen AI & No-Code to transform and innovate your business


Digital Leader Panel: Digital Transformation Projects in the Private Sector in Portugal


Executive Lunch IDC & T-Systems: Beyond Cyber Resilience


Lunch & Networking Lunch


Welcome | Giveaway iPad Apple iPad 10.2'


How to increase your IT Performance in 2024


IA Generativa nos Governos – Aprendizagens de uma StartUp de IA focada no movimento Tech4Democracy


A Revolução da Inteligência Artificial: perspectivas globais, avanços recentes e possíveis impactos para as organizações


Cinco novos desafios na inovação tecnológica


Inovação operacional e transformação digital nas empresas portuguesas


Keynote Speaker Presentation | Lessons from Formula One: High-Performance Teamwork and Technology in Action





Gabriel Coimbra

Group Vice President and Country Manager, IDC

Bruno Horta Soares

Executive Senior Advisor, IDC

Nuno Maximiano

Data & AI Tech Sales Manager , IBM

Vasco Pereira

OutSystems Regional Director - Solution Architecture

Filipa Lima

Diretora-Adjunta do Departamento de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informação do Banco de Portugal

Ivone Silva

Diretora do Bloco Operatório do Centro Hospitalar Universitário de Santo António

Pedro Jesus

Adjunto da Direção de Sistemas de Informação, CP Comboios de Portugal EPE

Nuno Carvalho

Moderador: Associated Partner, IDC Consulting & Partner, Zertive

Thomas Meyer

General Manager and Group Vice President of European Research, IDC

Duarte Machado

Senior Executive Account Manager, Pagero

Monize Arabadgi

Value Engineer, Celonis

Luís Gonçalves

General Manager, ImDigital

Bruno Ferreira

Responsável pela Direção de Negócio Particulares da Fidelidade

Ricardo Jorge Santos

Subdirector – Gestão de Inovação, E-REDES

Rui Galamba

Head of IT and Business Development at Ascendum Group

Jorge Costa Reis

Associated Partner, IDC Consulting & CEO, Zertive Consulting

Paulo Lopes

Service Desk and Cybersecurity Unit Responsible for Portugal, T-systems

Sergej Berendsen

Chief Executive Officer IDC Metri and Group Vice President

Francisco Vaz Figueiredo

Co-Founder & CEO at GovWise

Fernando Bação

Professor Catedrático na Nova IMS

Jaime Quesado

Economista e Gestor, Especialista em Inovação e Competitividade

Jorge Portugal

Director-Geral, COTEC Portugal

Al Peasland

Former Head of Innovation Partnerships at Williams F1 Racing

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