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IDC Digital Enterprise Forum - Benelux

Driving leadership in the digital age of AI everywhere

Nieuwegein, Netherlands

AI Everywhere Requires a New Strategy for Success

What are the key issues and solutions for IT management in 2024?

“IDC predicts that by 2025, 60% of CIOs will find their roles being challenged by line-of-business counterparts, who better demonstrate the ability to align technology with the organization's mission and customers' demands.”​ 

IDC FutureScape: Worldwide CIO Agenda 2023 Predictions


As GenAI and digital technologies have pervaded business, the notion of IT as the owner and manager of enterprise technology has evaporated. Technology is embedded into every role in the business. Technology innovation is no longer solely the province of CIOs; in fact, much innovation comes from line-of-business units. 

With an appropriate innovation foundation, companies can create the self-sustaining process required to deliver innovative and iterative digital products and services that achieve desired outcomes. Strategic decision-making is encouraged companywide, with decision-making empowered at both management and product levels.

Why Attend?

If you want to: 

  • Get insight into how the playing field for digital enterprises are changing, and learn more about the impact that digital maturity, digital investment, and overall digital involvement can have on your organization
  • Find out more about impact of GenAI and the types of digital technologies that companies are buying and implementing, along with the challenges of building a digital business
  • Learn more about market trends and business drivers to improve performance and scalability

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Wednesday April 24, 2024

Registration & Breakfast


Welcome by IDC


IDC: Driving leadership the digital age of AI everywhere


Eviden: Unleash the Chaos Monkey: Building Antifragile Technology Organisations


Coffee & Networking Break


ServiceNow: Decisive Autonomy: AI for Digital Enterprises


NN: How GenAI will influence NN's future development workforce


Lunch & Networking Break


IBM: Value Management in the Digital Era


EPAM Systems: CTO’s journey with GenAI: from Developer happiness to Business value


Coffee & Networking Break


Amsterdam Smart City: AI Ethics: The Amsterdam Algorithmic Register


Tungsten Automation: Embracing AI, the Right Way, to Drive Business Evolution


Summary & Conclusion


Thank you for today - Final Networking




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