Along with the emergence of China's large format retail and etailer PCD market, market, the distribution of products across multiple channels has become the norm today. The market positioning of these channels is gaining importance in the distribution strategy for IT vendors. As a result, closer tracking and monitoring of these channels are obviously necessary. IDC's China Quarterly Personal Computing Device Tracker: Sales-Out is designed to address these growing needs

Technology Coverage

This tracker provides total market size and vendor share for the following technology areas. Measurement for this tracker is in unit shipments, channel type, channel list, vendor, form factor, and so forth.

Core coverage:

  • Product category (desktop, notebook, detachable tablet, slate tablet)
  • Company
  • Brand
  • Channel

Geographic Scope

  • PRC (1)

Data Deliverables

This tracker is delivered on a quarterly basis via a web-based interface for online querying and downloads. For a complete delivery schedule, please contact an IDC sales representative. Deliverables for this tracker are:

  • Historical data
  • Forecast data

Forecast Coverage

Forecasts for this tracker are updated quarterly and include four years of historical data, two years of quarterly forecasts, and an additional five years of annual market projections. Forecasts are available at the country levels. Examples of the forecasts included in this tracker are provided below.

Core forecast coverage:

  • Unit shipments quarterly by retail type
  • Unit shipments quarterly by product category
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