Management Team

IDC Latin America is managed by our Senior Leadership Team, led by Ricardo Villate. The company employs more than 80 knowledgeable and forward-thinking analyst experts.

Ricardo Villate

Group VP, IDC Latin America

Ricardo Villate is responsible for the management and direction of IDC's business across the Latin America region. Mr. Villate has more than 20 years of experience in the IT and Financial industries in Latin America. During his tenure at IDC, he has held various positions within the organization.

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Jay Gumbiner

Research VP, IDC Latin America

Jay Gumbiner oversees IDC's Latin America research organization, managing diverse teams of hardware, software and services analysts spread throughout the region providing analysis across eighteen countries in Latin America through quarterly, semiannual, and annual studies.

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Alejandro Floreán

Consulting and Strategy VP, IDC Latin America

Alejandro Florean guides IDC Latin America consulting and research teams into broad Enterprise IT industry trends, particularly the strategic adoption of cloud computing and digital transformation technologies.

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Diego Anesini

Enterprise Director, IDC Latin America

Diego Anesini serves as Research Director, Infrastructure for IDC Latin America, covering Enterprise Hardware technologies, Telecom Hardware and Services, Enterprise Mobility and Internet of Things (IoT). Prior to this position, Diego held various roles in the company.

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Edgar Fierro

VP & Country Manager, IDC Mexico

As responsible for IDC in Mexico, Edgar Fierro makes sure that all services offered are made with quality and accurate in an impartial and objective way. He actively participates in research of a global matter so as to identify new trends foreseeing the technological evolution.

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Denis Arcieri

Country Manager, IDC Brazil

Denis Arcieri joined IDC in Brazil in September 2004, responsible for managing the Information Technology and Software Development area for Latin America.

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Natalia Vega

Country Manager, IDC Chile & Peru

As Country Manager of IDC Chile and Peru, Natalia Vega is responsible for the IDC subsidiaries in both countries. Her main objective is to support local teams to deliver value services that help to ICT services providers as well users of these technologies to make the best business decisions.

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Juan Carlos Villate

Country Manager, IDC Colombia

Juan Carlos Villate is the country manager of IDC Colombia since 2017 and was an Associate Consultant since 2013. He has 25+ years of experience in different industries including Technology, Transportation, as well as Aviation and Logistics.

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Judith Gil

Country Manager, IDC Venezuela

Judith Gil is responsible for the overall management of IDC in Venezuela since its inception in 1994. She has over 40 years of experience in the IT, Telecommunications, Organizational Development, Administration and Finance industries.

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