Multi-Client Strategic Brand Positioning Thought Leadership

Case Study


Several large technology innovations and major strategic projects in Saudi Arabia were being driven under the umbrella and funding of the Kingdom's National Transformation Program (NTP). The clients sought to share their capabilities around these initiatives and position themselves as key digital transformation partners for existing and potential customers.

The remit was for IDC to create a report that would spur debate, share data, outline best practices and insights from senior ICT decision makers, and ultimately guide the implementation of the NTP. The clients required a powerful tool that could be customized across different sectors to showcase their understanding of digitization efforts within the NTP and their provision of relevant skills and support for this space.

Approach & Methodology

To ensure the report had the desired impact on senior decision makers across the Kingdom, IDC's methodology for this project incorporated the following components:

  • Global Expertise: IDC called upon a large number of global subject-matter experts to contribute to the report.
  • In-Country Insights: IDC utilized its in-country analyst team and relationships to gather inputs from key decision makers on the global information that had been collected.
  • Existing Knowledge Base: IDC has arguably the largest ICT knowledge base for Saudi Arabia, which was extensively utilized to provide direction and supporting arguments for the report.

Key Benefits & Outcomes

  • NTP Plans: The report contained in-depth interviews with senior stakeholders from the clients that clearly detailed their plans and capabilities for supporting the NTP's implementation.
  • Exclusivity: The professionally designed and printed report included just five sponsored interviews, thereby maximizing the impact of each client's messaging.
  • Brand Association: By engaging with the Kingdom's leading analyst firm, the clients were able to leverage IDC's trusted brand status to showcase their plans and ideas to support the NTP.
  • Audience: The final report was hand delivered to 500 of Saudi Arabia's most influential decision makers, ensuring that its recommendations had the widest coverage and impact possible.


Sourav Bhanja

Consulting Director, IDC MEA