Competitive Profiling of ERM/CRM Market (+ IT Security Survey Report)

Case Study


The client was facing tough competition and wanted to calibrate its solutions portfolio and go-to-market strategies for ERM and CRM products across some of its key markets in the Middle East and Africa, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Turkey.

As such, the client approached IDC to develop competitive market information about four major ERM and CRM vendors to understand their technology focus, business models, and channel partner strategies. The client also wanted to leverage this initiative to gain a full view of IT security pain points, drivers, and requirements among end users in the Middle East.

Key Deliverables

  • Competitive Profiles: These profiles were to explore the strategies of major players in the Middle East and Africa ERP and CRM applications market.
  • Security Survey: This report was to explore the prevailing priorities, perceptions, and challenges of end-user organizations in the Middle East IT security market.

Approach & Methodology

  • Research: A team of in-country IDC analysts undertook extensive secondary research and conducted in-depth interviews with key vendors and channel partners in the ERP and CRM space.
  • Focus: The idea was to understand their overall strategies, partner ecosystems, current states of play, focus industries, business models, and key customers.
  • Survey: For the IT security report, IDC leveraged an online survey conducted over a period of three months and used the collated data to finalize the report.

Key Benefits & Outcomes

  • The competitive profiles helped the client to understand the positioning of its competitors and keep itself abreast of their strategic moves. This also helped the client to take strategic actions to ensure it remained competitive in the market.
  • The IT security survey report helped the client to understand the areas where end-user organizations in the Middle East are allocating their security budgets and what factors are top of mind when selecting a security vendor to partner with.
  • The report highlighted the opportunities that existed for the client in the IT security space and helped it to position itself in the market for better results.


Sourav Bhanja

Consulting Director, IDC MEA