Driving Digital Transformation Through RPOS Systems

Case Study


The client, a leading devices vendor, had extensive experience in offering end-to-end solutions to large and very large enterprises and possessed a comprehensive portfolio of retail point-of-sale (RPOS) solutions that reflects its core expertise in PC clients such as all-in-one systems, tablets, printers, and peripherals.

The client had a very successful deployment with a leading retail chain. Spurred by a desire to accelerate its enterprise-wide digital transformation efforts, the retailer had commissioned software upgrades and hardware servicing management for global locations, and had context-dependent device requirements.

Given the detailed nature of the engagement and its subsequent success, the client wanted to showcase the benefits to the rest of the market as a reference point. As such, it approached IDC to develop a dedicated marketing tool to highlight its capabilities to the market and attract other large customers.

Approach & Methodology

  • IDC analyzed the ecosystem for RPOS devices and evaluated the role of these devices within the context of enabling digital transformation.
  • IDC met face to face with the retailer's CIO and head of marketing to develop a clear understanding of how and why they installed the system and the benefits it brought.
  • IDC used its 'Buyer Case Study' solution to demonstrate how the client undertook the digital transformation of RPOS systems for the retailer, detailing the key challenges, solutions, use cases, and success factors.

Key Benefits & Outcomes

  • The report presented a holistic view of the industry and served as a tool for showing how RPOS systems can benefit end-user organizations.
  • The report showcased immersive vendor–partner–end-user perspectives through the context of a real business case.
  • The report validated the effectiveness of RPOS systems in enhancing end-user digitial transformation journeys.


Sourav Bhanja

Consulting Director, IDC MEA