Enterprise ICT Services Assessment for a Leading GCC Telco

Case Study


The client a leading GCC provider of telecommunications services, wanted to understand the size of the country's B2B market and its enterprise services share. It also sought insights into the usage habits of business customers and their attitudes towards enterprise business services.

The client engaged IDC to provide visibility on the drivers and inhibitors shaping the adoption of enterprise business products and to identify target segments based on business needs and values for focused positioning. In particular, the client wanted IDC to map enterprise business products vis-à-vis competition and segments so it could better serve all industry verticals and anticipate demand.

Approach & Methodology

  • Competitive Landscape Analysis: IDC analysts conducted interviews with all the country's telecom operators and key ICT services providers.
  • Stakeholder Interviews: IDC analysts engaged in detailed discussions with various stakeholders to assess the client's portfolio and identify any gaps.
  • End-User Surveys: IDC undertook extensive end-user surveys and in-depth interviews with large enterprises across different verticals and regions within the country.
  • In-House Research: IDC conducted detailed analysis of its extensive local, regional, and global knowledgebase and research around telcos, IT services, and the overall ICT domain.

Key Benefits & Outcomes

  • IDC provided the client with a detailed market assessment of the current and future opportunities that exist within the country's enterprise market.
  • IDC delivered a comprehensive gap analysis of the client's solutions, identifying the market's key growth areas and contextualizing the client's performance against its competitors.
  • IDC provided concrete recommendations on the client's go-to-market approach, identifying competitive threats identifications and providing strategic guidance on remaining competitive in the marketplace.
  • The client gained direct access to local IDC analysts that understand the market and are able to provide research-backed recommendations aligned to market realities.


Sourav Bhanja

Consulting Director, IDC MEA