IT Executive Programs for MEA

IDC's IT Executive Programs give CIOs, IT executives, and line-of-business (LoB) leaders the guidance and confidence to successfully navigate these exciting and challenging times with the most trusted advisory services in the market.

Designed to help today's time-constrained IT executives make more effective technology decisions, IDC's IT Executive Programs offer accurate, timely, and fact-based advice on mitigating technology risks, maximizing the effectiveness of IT investments, and driving greater alignment with overall business objectives.

Lead the Transformation of IT

with Lines of Business to Create a Digital Enterprise

Focus on IT Organization Development and Talent Management

  • Rebalance IT’s talent portfolio for digital competencies
  • Develop consumer engagement expertise
  • Create an innovation culture that can generate digital revenue streams

Digital Capabilities with the Enterprise Platform

Focus on IT Service Management and Enterprise Architecture

  • Create customer-facing and ecosystem-facing IT services
  • Implement cross-functional management of digital transformation programs
  • Deliver enterprise applications on standard platforms

New Techniques and Technologies into the IT organization

Focus on Change Management Techniques

  • Transform IT infrastructure and operations
  • Focus on driving infrastructure innovation
  • Selectively incorporate new skills

IDC's Research Offerings Maximize Business Innovation & IT Alignment

IDC's IT Executive Programs leverage our global research capabilities alongside our in-depth knowledge of individual industries. As IT executives seek to align technology with business, our deep understanding of industry business initiatives and processes makes us the perfect partner for helping your organization achieve its strategic goals.

Focusing on energy, financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail, our research covers over 200 technology markets, including cloud computing, business analytics, outsourcing, enterprise mobility, sustainability, IT governance, datacenters, and social media, among many others.

Work with a dedicated & flexible team to implement successful projects

Your job requires adaptability, flexibility, and the ability to make quick decisions in the face of rapid change. Why should the relationship you have with your research provider be any different?


You aren't limited to 30-minute phone calls


You can bring your whole team


IDC's IEP team responds to requests within 24 hours

IDC's IT Executive Programs draw upon the expertise of our global team of 1,300+ analysts — the largest global network of expert analysts in the industry — and the in-depth research we develop. Covering 110 countries and speaking 70 languages, IDC analysts are located in 54 offices around the globe and are on hand to help your organization innovate and optimize its IT operations.

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