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Digital Government Forum

Creating value for citizens and society through GenAI and data management.

Madrid, Spain
CIO and Computerworld


Making government services more people-centric is not a new aspiration; in fact, according to the IDC EMEA Cross-Industry Survey, 33% of public sector senior leaders consider “Digital frictionless citizen experience” a top strategic priority. But with fast advances in technology and rising societal expectations, public sector senior leaders in Europe and beyond are re-imagining how to deliver on that promise.

Powered by data sharing and increasing uptake of AI and GenAI – only 7% of governments in EMEA are using GenAI, but almost 40% are planning to start using it in the next two years - the next generation of government services will make the bureaucracy invisible.

Ambitious policies and strategies, like the European Digital Compass and the Espana Digital 2026, governments want to ensure that constituents (citizens, businesses, investors, tourists, etc.) are not asked to provide the same data multiple times to prove changes in their personal circumstances. By sharing data in a secure manner across the public sector and with private partners, through data spaces, governments will proactively register constituents for programs that they are entitled to and automatically deliver services. Becoming less visible should not mean the government becomes less accountable to its constituents. Government will have to invest in digital trust services – such as the "Carpeta Ciudadana" - and secure infrastructures and platforms to ensure data protection, digital sovereignty and ethical use of AI.

Public sector leaders aiming to deliver on the promise of the invisible bureaucracy, cannot rely only on technology. Organizational capacity and competencies, policies, procurement vehicles and processes must be re-imagined to realize the value of technology innovation.


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Wednesday March 20, 2024

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Interview with EJIE. Winner CIO 100 Awards 2023, Public Entity of the Year


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Panel: Empowering seamless, proactive government services: realizing the value and tackling the risks of data and AI


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Panel: Scaling data and AI platforms through next generation digital infrastructure: harnessing the value of cloud and beyond


Panel: A resilient future government: harnessing technologies to create forward-thinking national digital services


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Panel: Reimagining the civil service in the age of the invisible bureaucracy: how to prepare organizations for the future


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El Beatriz Madrid

C. de José Ortega y Gasset, 29, Salamanca, 28006 Madrid

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