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IDC Government Insights: United States Federal Government IT Spending Guide

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The IDC Government Insights: United States Federal Government IT Spending Guide examines the federal government's opportunity from the technology, subindustry, and agency or service perspectives. This comprehensive database, delivered via IDC Customer Insights Query Tool, allows the user to easily extract meaningful information about the federal government technology market by viewing data trends and relationships and making data comparisons.

Markets and Technologies Covered

  • 3 technology groups with 22 technology categories: Hardware (enterprise network, external storage system, hardcopy peripheral, IaaS, mobile phone, non-x86 server, PC monitor, security appliance, tablet, traditional PC, and x86 server), software (application development and deployment, ERM — financial applications, ERM — human capital management, ERM — other, office suites, system infrastructure software, and other applications), and IT services (IT consulting, systems integration, technology outsourcing, and other IT services)
  • 2 subindustries: Federal civilian and Department of Defense (DoD)
  • 25+ federal civilian agencies: Department of Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, General Services Administration, and other agencies
  • 4+ Department of Defense (DOD) agencies and services: Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marine Corps as well as other DOD agencies or DOD-wide

Geographic Coverage

  • United States

Data Deliverables

This spending guide is delivered on a semiannual basis via a web-based interface for online querying and downloads. For a complete delivery schedule, please contact an IDC sales representative. The deliverable for this spending guide includes:

  • Annual five-year forecasts by industry, subindustry, agency, and technology (delivered twice a year)

Key Questions Answered

Our research addresses the following issues that are critical to your success:

  1. What is the total U.S. federal government technology opportunity?
  2. Which technologies and agencies or services in the U.S. federal government are growing the fastest?
  3. How do growth rates vary by agency or service? And how do growth rates change over time?
  4. How do technology spending and growth rates vary by civilian versus DoD?
  5. Where should resources be focused to take advantage of the maximum market opportunity?
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