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Worldwide Digital Transformation Spending Guide

The Worldwide Digital Transformation Spending Guide examines the digital transformation opportunity from a use case — technology, industry, and geography — perspective. This comprehensive database delivered via IDC's Customer Insights query tool allows the user to easily extract meaningful information about the digital transformation market by viewing data trends and relationships and making data comparisons.

Markets Covered

This product covers the following segments of the digital transformation market:

  • 9 region and select country views: United States, Canada, Japan, Western Europe (Germany, United Kingdom, France, and rest of Western Europe), Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, Latin America, PRC, and Asia/Pacific (Australia and New Zealand, India, and rest of Asia/Pacific)
  • 12 technology markets: Across hardware, software, and services categories: Hardware — cloud infrastructure, enterprise hardware, other hardware, personal devices; software — application development and deployment, applications, system infrastructure software, and other software; services — business services, IT services, other services and materials, connectivity services
  • 12 industries: Banking, insurance, securities and investment services, discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, construction, resource industries, retail, wholesale, professional services, personal and consumer services, and transportation
  • 220+ DX use cases, including: Advanced digital simulation, asset instrumentation, autonomous mining, augmented virtual experience, autonomic supply network optimization, digital grid simulation, digitized workforce management optimization, emergency response system, frictionless content realization, in-store contextualized marketing, intelligent and predictive grid management, quality and compliance, root cause, self-healing assets, and smart warehousing
  • 2 DX types: DX and non-DX
  • 3 platforms: 2nd Platform, 3rd Platform, and innovation accelerators
  • 2 deployment types: Cloud related and noncloud/other

Data Deliverables

This spending guide is delivered on a semiannual basis via a web-based interface for online querying and downloads. The following are the deliverables for this spending guide. For a complete delivery schedule, please contact an IDC sales representative:

  • Annual five-year forecasts by region, technology, industry, DX type, platform, and deployment type delivered twice a year
  • Annual five-year forecasts by region, technology group, industry, and deployment type delivered twice a year

About This Spending Guide

IDC's Worldwide Digital Transformation Spending Guide provides guidance on the expected technology opportunity around this market at a regional level and a total worldwide level. Segmented by industry, use case, and technology component, this guide provides IT vendors with insights into this rapidly growing market and how the market will develop over the coming year.

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