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Ko Shikita

Research Manager, Communications, IDC Japan

Ko Shikita is a Research Manager of IDC Japan Communications Group.

In his role as the Research Manager, he covers both quantitative and qualitative analysis and mega trends of IoT in Japan to deliver strategic and vertical insight to IDC’s clients with IDC services from consumer to enterprise markets. His research includes market sizing, forecasting, and comprehensive analysis of various players. His major focuses of interest are hardware aspects of IoT field, leveraging his previous career as an analyst of client computing devices at IDC Japan.

Prior to joining IDC Japan, Ko had worked for Sony group for more than 25 years, where he engaged in various business domains including product planning of hardware / network services / client applications, and marketing, new business development, business strategy and alliance promotion with some big businesses and IT ventures.

Ko was engaged in electronic money service for 4 years at Sony's affiliated company where he spearheaded some new business launches dealing with network services. He also took responsibilities for business strategy, customer marketing, public relations, advertising, intellectual property, etc.  With his wide range of job experience, he has bird’s-eye view to address burgeoning IoT field as a whole.

Ko received a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Waseda University, Japan.

本調査レポートは、コネクテッドビークル市場の複雑なエコシステムにおいて、新しい事業機会を探る国内の主要なITベンダーの市場ポジショニングや事業推進上の課題を分析している。IDC Japan コミュニケーションズのリサーチマネージャーである敷田 康は「コネクテッドビークルでは、車載通信機器とスマートフォン対応の拡充に伴う車のメディア化や、シェアリング資産としての価値の高まりといった、「車の価値転換」が起こる。ITベンダーはこのような新しい考え方を踏まえた事業機会にも目を配り、多...
本プレゼンテーションは、コネクテッドビークル(Connected Vehicle)市場における2021年までの10項目の予測(Predictions)をまとめたものである。米国において発行された『IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Connected Vehicle 2018 Predictions(IDC #US43156217、2017年10月発行)』の内容を基に、国内市場の状況を考慮して一部変更を加えた。なお、本プレゼンテーション内の数値は断りなく使用...
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