IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Personal Computing Device Tracker® fills the growing demand for detailed, timely, and accurate information on the global personal computing device market. It provides insightful analysis, quarterly market share data, and a five-year forecast by country. The core of the product is a comprehensive electronic database detailing changes and trends in this highly competitive market. IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Personal Computing Device Tracker is built on the foundation of IDC's network of country-level research operations, and its bottom-up methodology delivers an accurate view of the market from those closest to it.

Technology Coverage

This tracker provides total market size and vendor share for the following technology areas. Measurements for this tracker are in shipments and end-user value.

Core Coverage

  • Product category: Desktop (DT), notebook (NB), workstation (WS), detachable tablet, and slate tablet
  • Product and product detail: All-in-one DT, tower DT, small DT, ultrasmall DT, traditional NB, ultraslim NB (<15mm), ultraslim (15mm to <18mm), ultraslim (18mm to <21mm), convertible NB, mini NB, desktop WS, mobile WS, datacenter WS, detachable tablet, and slate tablet
  • Screen size band: By inch for notebooks, tablets, mobile WSs, and all-in-one DTs
  • Segments: Consumer, education, government, very large business (1,000+), large business (500-999), medium-sized business (100-499), small business (10-99), and small office (1-9)
  • Channel: Direct — inbound/outbound, direct — internet, direct — store, indirect — dealer/VAR/SI, indirect — etailer, indirect — retail, indirect — retail internet, indirect — telco, indirect — telco internet
  • Additional tech splits: Operating system (OS), connectivity, CPU type, touch, product brand**, vendor, price band, model name*, air interface*, secondary air interface*, voice calling*, storage (GB)*, RAM (GB)*, generation*, processor vendor, processor brand, processor speed band*, and processor cores** This applies to tablets only.** This applies to PCs only.

Geographic Scope

  • Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan and China) (available for 15 countries)
  • Canada
  • Central and Eastern Europe (available for 16 countries)
  • Japan
  • Latin America (available for 19 countries)
  • Middle East and Africa (available for 26 countries)
  • PRC
  • United States
  • Western Europe (available for 16 countries)

Data Deliverables

IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Personal Computing Device Tracker is delivered on a quarterly basis via a web-based interface for online querying and downloads. Deliverables for this tracker are listed below. For a complete delivery schedule, please contact an IDC sales representative.

  • Preliminary top 5 vendors' data and press release
  • Preliminary pivot
  • Qualitative analysis
  • Historical database
  • Forecast database
  • Forecast press release

Forecast Coverage

Forecasts for this tracker are updated quarterly and include up to two years of quarterly forecasts and an additional three years of annual market projections. Forecasts are available at the worldwide, regional, and country levels. Forecast coverage for this tracker includes:

  • Product category: Desktop*, notebook*, detachable tablet, and slate tablet (* Workstation is integrated.)
  • Product: All-in-one DT, traditional DT, traditional NB, ultraslim NB (<15mm), ultraslim (15mm to <18mm), ultraslim (18mm to <21mm), convertible NB, detachable tablet, and slate tablet
  • Channel: Same as previously mentioned
  • Segment: Same as previously mentioned

Optional Forecast Add-Ons

  • Price band forecast
  • Installed base
  • Screen size and product detail forecast
  • Touch forecast
  • OS forecast
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