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Creating an Events Platform to Recognize and Promote Financial Services Technology Innovations

Technological innovations are increasingly becoming key drivers of growth for financial services institutions (FSIs) who have been investing in them significantly in recent years across the Asia/Pacific region. These tech innovations are deemed crucial as they help modernize banking and financial infrastructure, improve efficiency, enhance customer experience, ensure resiliency, and provide a competitive advantage in the digital-first world.
With new innovations constantly unfolding at a rapid pace, FSIs need to stay ahead of latest developments while consistently measuring and benchmarking their progress again fellow peers. Thus, having an events platform that advocates, celebrates, and promotes digital transformation among FSIs serves as an important avenue to share best practices in the industry.
  • Recognition Platform: The annual IDC Financial Insights Innovation Awards (FIIA) was launched over 15 years ago to recognize and promote outstanding achievements in the financial sector for the effective implementation of innovative technology. This has helped IDC developed a library of use cases that other banking and insurance companies can benchmark themselves on.
  • Events Channel: Winning organizations and their pioneering projects are recognized at IDC’s annual Asian Financial Services Congress (AFSC), which provides an avenue for industry peers to celebrate the achievement together.
  • Marketing Promotions: IDC’s marketing activities promote the winners’ achievements through multiple channels including media and social marketing. In addition, it offers brand-building opportunities across IDC platforms for both winners and nominated projects – whether through featured profiles on IDC: The premier global market intelligence firm or as video content on IDC’s very own content hub, IDC Arena.
  • Unparalled Benchmarking Assessment: Having built a library of the most novel IT applications specific to banking and insurance over the past 15 years, IDC offers unparalled insight to FSIs in Asia/Pacific who want to benchmarking themselves vs an established norm based on their technology focus and business goal, as well as help the team identify innovation opportunities as their priorities.
  • Hundreds of novel applications of IT innovations were recognized as a benchmark of technological innovations for the industry.
  • An in-depth analysis of the technological advancement based on the latest implementations in the industry provided the newest market insights on the innovation capabilities of FSIs in several fields, including infrastructure modernization, customer engagement, governance, risk, and sustainable finance.
  • The Awards generated publicity for the financial services industry, highlighting the importance of technological innovations in improving services and driving growth.

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