CIO in Action: The Resiliency Spectrum

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8 – 24 June 2021


If there’s a business buzzword in 2020, it’s resiliency. The pandemic underscored its importance placing first on the minds of executives today. IT leaders must rethink their leadership practices to help foster this trait for the long haul.

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, CIOs faced epic challenges, with the road to recovery even stretching far ahead. For many leaders, recovery isn't just a return to their former state. It is a top-to-bottom rethinking of what business they need to be in, and how they must be run. At this year’s IDC CIO Summit Series, senior IT leaders and line-of-business (LOB) executives will be armed with the tools and strategies needed to effectively manage and communicate their IT investment priorities and implementation strategies, leading IT through the next normal.

Join us as we explore ideas such as:

Forward Work Models

Delivering Customer Empathy at Scale through Increased Digitalization

Developing Data Capitalization

Redefining Risk Management Models

Improving Employee Productivity and Digital Workflows

Business Model Reinvention to Fast-Track Transformation

HyperAgility with Intelligent Workspaces

Harnessing Partnership Ecosystems in Co-creating New Operating Models

Moving Up the Leadership Maturity Chain

Digital Resiliency Framework

IDC anticipated that the DX acceleration experienced in 2020 will continue in 2021 as more markets and industries recover. This acceleration will lead us to the next chapter of DX and the emergence of two interconnected DX cornerstone themes on the way to the Future Enterprise, and one of them is Digital Resiliency. The Digital Resiliency Framework highlights six distinct but interdependent organizational dimensions necessary for achieving Digital Resiliency.

Leadership & Organization Resiliency

Event Focus Areas

This is the capstone for all the other dimensions, with both the business leadership and the CIO office working in tandem with the rest of the organization to mitigate business and digital technology weaknesses across dimensions, understanding the interdependencies and pulling them together and leveraging dimensional strengths for future success.

Workforce Resiliency

The workforce dimension focuses on optimizing the employee experience in times of extreme uncertainty.  Specifically, it covers issues such as employee engagement and productivity, retention and onboarding, skills and learning as well as health and wellness.

Customers & Ecosystems Resiliency

The customers and ecosystem dimension encompass customer, supplier and partner engagements and how to develop, retain, renew and optimize these relationships in a time of crisis. 

Brand & Reputation

Customers, partners, suppliers all look to how an enterprise responds to crises as a measure of the quality and integrity of an organization and its leadership. Trust in an enterprise's brand and its reputation are won slowly but all too quickly

Financial Resiliency

An organization's outstanding liabilities and available financial resources obviously help determine its short-term survival. However financial resiliency is more than this - it includes its ability to learn from the past to predict potential future financial threats, and its ability to help the business and the broader ecosystem to respond effectively to new threats and opportunities. 

Operational Resiliency

This traditionally focuses on safeguarding and maintaining operational ‘business as usual’ using techniques such as business continuity planning and disaster recovery. Operational resiliency includes this and goes beyond it to use agile and adaptive planning techniques to build incremental and opportunistic responses to operational problems because of both internal challenges and external/ecosystem dynamics.

Event Focus Areas


  • Building trust
    Trust is dynamic and not static.
  • Focus on competence
    It can do more than fulfil their known needs.
  • Showcase integrity
    Protecting the customer’s privacy.
  • Emphasize empathy
    Understanding and caring for the customer.

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  • Agile operating model
    From onboarding to decision. making.
  • Future fluency skills
    Upskilling, out-of-the-box and problem solving.
  • Employee engagements
    Trust is the core ingredient.
  • Empathetic leadership
    Empowerment and KBI+KPI performance metrics.

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  • Partnership extensions
    An IT-based approach to enable participation and manage disruptions.
  • An open platform
    Simplify the app development/co-innovation process.
  • Governance and contextualization
    Free flow of data and collaboration.
  • Cooperate and compete
    Dynamic participation in both environments.
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