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How can CIOs Live, Thrive and Strive in 2023 and beyond?

Quick Summary:

  • Companies should focus more on getting returns on their data assets than be distracted by technology. Information (data) first before Technology.
  • The lack of talents and skills is a barrier to technology adoption and migration.
  • Revenue is a result of trust. Understand how strong cybersecurity can positively impact sales, and how the opposite is equally true.

2023 looks set to be something of a challenging year for businesses both in Asia Pacific and globally. Geo-political issues are ongoing and continue to impact the supply chains of tech and non-technology products. As such CIOs and senior leaders should review key business themes and make strategic decisions to further scale up and achieve new growth amidst the major disruptions faced in 2023.

Critical elements that will impact IT spending for the future lead off with concerns around foreign currency fluctuations since the significant shift of many markets to the OPEX model for procuring IT is now an essential component of overall budgets, along with many others, as shown in the chart below.

Which of the following do you expect will have the greatest impact on your IT spending plans?


Chart 2

Companies are driven more by technology rather than information (data)
FinOps will require clarity of data on IT cloud usage and return, and automation can only operate successfully with a robust data management culture. But doing this brings with it a myriad of concerns that need to be addressed, not least of which are:

  • Data and cloud
  • Data and security
  • Data and monetization
  • Data and analytics
  • Data and automation
  • Data in legacy systems

While we all may work in the "Information Technology" industry, too often, the conversations are more about the "technology" and not enough about the "information" that is the essence of this industry.

The lack of talent and skill hinders adopting and migrating to new technologies.
Across the Asia Pacific, many organizations are getting ahead of their competition to get the best returns from their data assets. However, the majority still have much catching up to do – in the meantime, the use cases for data are equally as critical and also changing rapidly.

Automation is the starting point for many to get onto the AI roadmap. However, companies are slow to adopt automation. The reluctance is driven by the short supply of skills and knowledge. As we saw with the cloud, experience brings confidence – but today, that experience is slow to achieve.

Cloud technologies are no longer only capable on public clouds: virtualization and containerization span many platforms. However, the management and security skills are still maturing in this space but need to accelerate to fulfill the business objectives.

For many in Asia Pacific, legacy systems are an ongoing concern creating support, skill, and cost issues – so knowing how to move the information and processes trapped within these legacy systems should be a priority for many over the coming year.

Cybersecurity directly impacts revenue streams
Last, but by no means least, is the issue of cybersecurity. This area has undergone radical change in the past 2-3 years regarding how the threat actors target and attack. Still, only a few Asia Pacific organizations have updated their strategies and technical approaches to address these new issues.

For business leaders who are seeing digital revenue streams, cybersecurity is no longer an "IT only" concern since today it impacts revenue streams. Therefore, an ongoing CIO communication challenge is educating Line of Businesses (LoBs) about what must be done to address the inherent cybersecurity challenges.

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In 2023 those concerns are multiple and often required to be addressed in parallel, simultaneously, placing CIOs under ever more tremendous pressure to find the right partners to help alleviate the program management concerns that multiple concurrent projects will bring. Under the challenging macroeconomic conditions faced worldwide, this requirement is set to become an essential topic for CIO's discussion moving forward.

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