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81% of Asia/Pacific organizations are either in the process of implementing security requirements or remain uncertain about how to address data sovereignty concerns.

Adoption of hybrid cloud/multi-cloud computing is expected to keep growing in the digital business era.
However, as adoption increases, so does the threat level and risks. Unfortunately within Asia/Pacific, only 19% of organizations have achieved full compliance with their data sovereignty requirements, with the remaining 81% are either in the process of implementing these requirements or remain uncertain about how to address data sovereignty concerns, according to an IDC research. Some of these organizations don't have concrete plans and plan to seek proper guidance in navigating the region's diverse regulatory and cyber-threat landscape.

Demonstrate your expertise and problem-solving solutions at IDC’s Security Event Series throughout Asia/Pacific and Japan. Join us in educating and guiding organizations on how to safeguard their proprietary data in the cloud.

Key Security Themes

Threat Intelligence

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Ransomware & Risk Management

Cloud & Network Security

Digital Identity Management (Zero Trust)

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Operational Technology Security

Unified Threat Management (UTM)

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Cybersecurity at TNBT Singapore

Cybersecurity at TNBT Singapore

CSO100 Awards & Symposium India

CSO100 Awards & Symposium India

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Cybersecurity at TNBT ASEAN (Thailand)

Cybersecurity at TNBT ASEAN (Thailand)

Cybersecurity at TNBT China

Cybersecurity at TNBT China

India Security Roadshows

India Security Roadshows

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Christian Fam

Research Manager
IDC Asia/Pacific

GenAI in Cybersecurity: A Treat or Threat?

3 Ways Vendors Can Help Their Clients Maximize GenAI While Staying Secure

Generative AI (GenAI) is influencing a new era in cybersecurity. Its advent brings a duality of impact: on one side, it dramatically enhances security measures, and on the other, it introduces sophisticated challenges that require innovative countermeasures.

Christian Fam delves into the dual edges of generative AI from a security perspective, examining how it fortifies and tests the cybersecurity landscape.

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