Champions of the Digital Arena


In the last 18 months, the pace of digital transformation (DX) has accelerated in the region and digital disruption has intensified in every industry. DX itself is being reinvented - marking the beginning of the second chapter of DX where the “Future Enterprise” has become the new gold standard.

This second chapter has also given rise to the new breed of digital disruptors. Where start-ups and unicorns used to be the main source of disruption, it is now the industry incumbents that are heavily investing in DX to disrupt the marketplace. They are digitally determined and are invested in creating new business models, rather than just defending their turf. They have legacy systems, processes, and a multigenerational workforce, but have revamped their systems to compete in the digital economy. These new breed of digital disruptors are aggressively committing to DX to become the Champions of the Digital Arena.

Where boxers need to master versatility, discipline, timing, accuracy, and speed, the champions of the digital arena need to master the five drivers of transformation:






Word on the Street

“Good, thought-provoking, researched sharing of experiences.”

FedEx Express

“Introduced, amazed, inspired and opened up my potential for digital creativity and innovation.”

Philippine Health Insurance Corporation

“Interesting insights and introduction to the new business model.”

Ministry of Defence

“This is a great knowledge sharing platform.”

Sunway Medical Centre

“Different concept of holding this event. Smaller crowd made it easier to interact and the format avoided death by PowerPoint.”

ANZ Bank

“Superb speakers, planning and organization of events and activities!!!”


“Eye opener, enjoyed the experience for the tour as well as the digital playground!”


“It was a well planned and comprehensive event on DX.”

Singapore Exchange

“Very insightful, great event execution.”

Insular Life


Hyundai Motor Group

A Match Made for the Ring

We’ve missed meeting face to face. But we can’t all meet at once.

See You Live in Taiwan

The DX Summit Taiwan is slated to be a hybrid event – partially physically, held at a venue with limited numbers so that we can maintain social distancing, but also streamed online to IDC’s brand-new broadcasting platform IDC ARENA.

Catch Up Virtually in ASEAN, ANZ, Korea & Hong Kong

In the ASEAN and ANZ region, as well as for Korea and Hong Kong, we’re going full virtual. For Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia the event will only be available on the IDC ARENA platform.

IDC Arena

Hosted and curated in an episodic format, the IDC ARENA DX Summit Series will feature the heroes and champions of digital transformation, as well as the partners who have supported them in their journey throughout 2020.

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