Recovery in a Different Way:
A New Cycle of Tech Investments
in Financial Services

22 June – 27 August 2021

Recovery in a Different Way:
A New Cycle of Tech Investments in Financial Services

It is time to talk about recovery! IDC Financial Insights brings to Asia/Pacific our most recent work on the frameworks that banks, insurers and capital market firms are using to find success in 2021 and beyond. The research highlights that there are several areas of investments that are heating up: cloud-based core system migration, the reinvigorated Open Banking agenda, customer-centric business processes, continuous innovation principles and the trifecta of privacy-identity-trust.

This shows us that financial institutions are set to go beyond crisis recovery, to attain new capabilities never seen before in the industry. These new business and tech capabilities point to how financial services can be brought to a whole new competitive playing field.

At the IDC Conference: Financial Insights, we will manage the recovery like a game of chess. We are always on the lookout for an opportunity to improve our position, and the pieces need to be developed to the best squares. It's time to prioritize and focus on the most important technology investments.


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Agenda Highlights

Path to Truly Digital Core Systems: Cloud, API enablement and Microservices
High-Impact Business
Processes in 2021 and Beyond
The growing prevalence of DevOps
The New Agenda for Open Banking in 2021
Buy versus Build: Are Banks Building More?

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