XOps: Delivering on the Unfinished
Business of Digital

ANZ | September 8, 2022



The financial services industry in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) is building a robust technological foundation, but there is more to be done. How can the industry fully deliver on the promises of digital?

In comes the theme of integration. First, there is outward integration where banks and insurers work on an open, collaborative, and platform-based model of financial services to facilitate seamless interations between institutions, their customers, and third parties. 

Then there is inward integration where institutions bring together various capabilities and integrate them to operations. This way, value created out of IT resources - whether it is business processes, data, technologies, or skills - are brought to market quickly. 

At this IDC Conference: Financial Insights Australia and New Zealand, we unveil actionable research and insights on XOps, where 'X' represents IT, Development and Data. Given that data is at the core of ecosystems, we will focus on operationalizing data and analytics for greater scalability and efficiency. 

Topics to be discussed:

  • ITOps: Scale on demand for unpredictable uptake of digital services
  • DevOps: New concepts of uptime and downtime
  • DevSecOps: Digital Operations Resilience Act &the new typologies and risks
  • CloudOps: Cloud migration and integration risks
  • DataOps: Data management processes to protect customer data rights and data privacy
  • AIOps: Monitoring and analyzing data across multiple environments and platforms 


IDC Australia Conference: Financial Insights Agenda

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