Determined to be Different:
How Asia’s Best Financial Institutions
Take Different Paths to Recovery

ANZ | September 3 - September 29, 2020

IDC ANZ Conference: Financial Insights Agenda

Time Event & Speakers

Opening Keynote - Determined to Get There First: Insightful and Actionable Advice from Asia’s Leading Institutions for the Different Challenges of 2020

Michael Araneta
Associate Vice President, Head of Research & Consulting, IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific

We at IDC Financial Insights keep tracking the response of banks, insurers and capital market firms to current conditions. We acknowledge that we are obviously in less than ideal conditions. However, our research reveals that financial services institutions are seeing a profusion of new capabilities that allow them to respond to the crisis and take different paths, quicker than expected, to business recovery. Join Michael Araneta, who heads research & advisory at IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific to understand the 40 new solutions Asia's leading institutions are taking to tackle the challenges that the pandemic brought and how FSIs in ANZ region can utilize these solutions to succeed in the next normal.


Live Chat with VERIMATRIX - Digitally Engaged, But Not Digitally Vulnerable

Neal Michie
Product Manager, Verimatrix
Michael Araneta
Associate Vice President, Head of Research & Consulting, IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific

There are some key changes in the industry that we need to pay special attention to, particularly because they are "new" and would require new solutions that fill in gaps that have suddenly emerged, or those that would require more attention because the solutions we had thought useful in the past are not relevant anymore. Or maybe it is both. Join this conversation as Neal Michie, subject expert from Verimatrix and Michael Araneta, Head of Research & Consulting from IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific are talking about solutions that are fit for our times to be digitally engaged, but not digitally vulnerable world of financial services.


IDC Financial Insights Tech Talk - Data to Digital: Enabling Data as an Asset to Successfully Accelerate Digital Transformation and Data Monetization for Financial Services

Steve Shipley
Adjunct CIO Advisor, IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific

Investments into data and analytics have remained robust, despite the dampening effects of current conditions. According to the pre-conference research of IDC Financial Insights, 55% of banks and insurers are spending more than expected into data and analytics in the past six months, seeing that analytics-driven organizations will be those able to respond well to 2020 challenges. What are their key areas of focus? What data should financial services institutions work on to ensure a positive ROI of these data initiatives? IDC has a series of research reports themed Data-to-Digital, outlining best practices on improving data quality and making it more accurate, intelligent, trustworthy and connectable.

Join this session to learn the data-to-digital framework from IDC Financial Insights to enable your data as an asset to successfully accelerate and progress digital transformation.


Conclusion & Closing


Thought Leadership Presentation by TIBCO

Robert Merlicek

Digital Disruption in Financial Services and How to Innovate

Financial Services is an industry driven by disruption. Transformative business drivers like new fintech firms, AI driven Robo-advisor services and constantly changing regulatory environments like GDPR and open banking are accelerating new disruptions.

This session by TIBCO discusses Digital Disruption in Financial services and how to innovate using Data and what those architectures can look like. This is enabled by TIBCO’s Connected Intelligence Cloud , which provides the means to access, management and insights from data. In particular focusing on Customer intimacy where the customer gets the right information at the right time, in the right context . Operational excellence where you can drive efficiencies across the business and finally Business Re-invention using data and technology.



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