Digital-First Financial Services:
What It Means to Be Digital in 2022

ASEAN | August 24 - August 25, 2022



Business-as-usual is no longer sustainable! The past few years saw financial institutions in the ASEAN region become more resilient as they adapt and rethink their businesses and operating models to keep up with the rapid changes of customer behavior.

Having surmount the challenges in the road to recovery, there lies opportunities ahead for a “big reset” – to redefine the value they bring and the role they play in this new world of digital-first financial services. Financial institutions are already sharing data within their industry, optimizing processes, and creating new market opportunities. This is the time for institutions to step up and undertake their role as orchestrator of the industry ecosystems. They need to be critical enablers by establishing the digital environments across multiple industries for co-innovation.

At the IDC Conference: Financial Insights ASEAN, we bring to you the latest research where financial institutions take the lead in building strength in data, platforms, operations, security to be digital in 2022.


Topics to be discussed:

  • The Rise of Multicore for Core System Transformation

  • Sustainability Dominates: Embracing ESG as part of Growth Strategy

  • Cloud Synergies: Right Sizing, Optimizing and Refining

  • Omni-channel Financial Services: Digital Means of Delivering Financial Services

  • Data Resiliency: Improving Data Protection Capabilities

  • Open X: Open API, Finance, Banking for Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

IDC ASEAN Conference: Financial Insights Agenda

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