Digital-First Financial Services:
What It Means to Be Digital in 2022

Philippines | August 24 - October 21, 2021


Recovery in a Different Way:
A New Cycle of Tech Investments in Financial Services

It is time to talk about recovery! IDC Financial Insights brings to Philippines our most recent work on the frameworks that banks, insurers and capital market firms are using to find success in 2021 and beyond. The research highlights that there are several areas of investments that are heating up: cloud-based core system migration, the reinvigorated Open Banking agenda, customer-centric business processes, continuous innovation principles and the trifecta of privacy-identity-trust.

This shows us that financial institutions are set to go beyond crisis recovery, to attain new capabilities never seen before in the industry. These new business and tech capabilities point to how financial services can be brought to a whole new competitive playing field.

At the IDC Conference: Financial Insights, we will manage the recovery like a game of chess. We are always on the lookout for an opportunity to improve our position, and the pieces need to be developed to the best squares. It's time to prioritize and focus on the most important technology investments.

IDC Philippines Conference: Financial Insights Agenda

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How a Crisis Changed Us for Good

Michael Araneta
Associate Vice President, Head of Advisory & Research, IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific

IDC Financial Insights Head of Research, Michael Araneta, presents the biggest themes driving the new cycle of tech investments in financial institutions in Philippines, based on IDC research findings. These drivers of investments are organised into revamping legacy applications and processes, rebuilding internal capabilities to re-accelerate digital transformation, and reinvestment into capabilities to sense and respond to the new realities of our times.

We see the return of trends sidelined because of the challenges of the pandemic – all taking a new spin: everything from Open Banking and Open APIs, data-to-digital, sustainability and ESG compliance, and risk and finance integration – we see massive reinvestment in these great programs to "transform," making up for lost time.


Combating Financial Crimes With Graph Databases and Analytics

Cyrus Daruwala
Managing Director, IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific
Chung Ho
Vice President, Solution Engineering, TigerGraph
Everything is connected! However, are we seeing and understanding the connection of data across the different data sets? The question is no longer whether you should adopt graph technology, rather how quickly are you adopting graph to de-risk your business ? In this conversation between TigerGraph's Chung and IDC Financial Insights' Cyrus, we will share 4 interesting use cases, with GoJek being one of them, on how financial services have used graph technology to bring about cost savings, fraud avoidance, and analyze huge data volume real-time to capture fraud.

Top 10 Trends That Are Reshaping the Philippines' Financial Services

Michael Araneta
Associate Vice President, Head of Advisory & Research, IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific
Nick Wilde
Managing Director - Asia Pacific, Thought Machine

We are seeing mobile payments explosion, digital lending, ecosystem banking and more being the top few priorities of the Philippines's financial institutions. However, which are the longer-lasting trends that we need to take note of? Join us in this live, interactive discussion to share the top IT trends in your priority list and find out how your peers are preparing for these long-lasting changes. Lastly, as we become more digital, it's time we talk about the key characteristics of "digital bank" that will most likely to succeed.


Striking a Balance Between Humane Leadership and Digital Transformation

Michael Araneta
Associate Vice President, Head of Advisory & Research, IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific
Lito Villanueva
Executive Vice President, Chief Innovation and Inclusion Officer, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC)

What does "being digital" mean in the Philippines? In the road to recovery, is your organization looking beyond growth and speed of digital transformation initiatives? As a human-centric leader, Lito Villanueva, Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation & Inclusion Officer of Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC), uses technology to create opportunities for better customer and employee experiences. Find out in this conversation how RCBC is leveraging technology to become a more human-focused financial institution.


The Leader Behind Asia/Pacific's Digital Trailblazer and the Philippines’ Pioneer in Digitization

Michael Araneta
Associate Vice President, Head of Advisory & Research, IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific
Edwin Bautista
President and Chief Executive Officer, Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank)
Widely regarded as one of the best digital transformation stories in financial services, IDC Financial Insights chats with Edwin Bautista, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Union Bank of the Philippines to dive deeper into its 2021 story. Watch this session to find out what goes on in the great mind of this esteemed leader and his good, well thought-out, and decisive choices that ensure continued success of the bank.

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