What is an IDC FutureScape Report and how is it different?

An IDC FutureScape report lists down the top technology predictions in a particular area
for the coming 1-3 years.

It is a strategic planning tool designed exclusively for technology professionals in enterprises that are making critical investments in IT to further their business strategies. The report itself also describes the magnitude of each prediction and the timeframe within which it is expected to happen. An IDC FutureScape report in a particular topic can be written with a global, regional, or country-level view.

This report is written for Line-of-Business executives, CIOs, IT directors, IT managers, IT
architects, and other IT buyers.

The C-Suite Agenda will peer into emergent trends and practices that cut through all industries as they commit to their digital transformation plans and become future enterprises. This section covers our predictions report (also known as IDC FutureScape) on the CIO Agenda, the Future Enterprise, and the 9 CEO Agenda topics.

Topics covered

  • B2B Sales
  • CIO Agenda
  • CMO Agenda

The Future Enterprise is IDC’s vision for how organizations must operate and invest to participate in increasingly digital-first markets. It fosters a digital-first culture — one that leverages trusted industry ecosystems, generates profitable revenue growth from empathetic customer experiences, and demonstrates an ability to adapt operating models to complex customer requirements. All of this is built on digital infrastructure and enabled by an intelligent, empowered, and well-connected workforce.

Topics covered

  • Future of Connectedness
  • Future of Customer Experience
  • Future of Digital Infrastructure
  • Future of Digital Innovation
  • Future of Industry Ecosystems
  • Future of Intelligence
  • Future of Operations
  • Future of Trust
  • Future of Work

The focus area of “Technology” shows a list of predictions specific to technology areas - from 3rd Platform technologies (like Cloud and Big Data Analytics), and Innovation Accelerator topics (like Blockchain, AI, and IoT), to other areas that are actively disrupting our digital landscape (like IPDS, Services, and Connected Devices).

Topics covered

  • Artificial Intelligence and Automation
  • Cloud
  • Connected Devices
  • Data and Content Technology
  • Decentralized Platforms: Web3, Crypto, NFT
  • Developer and DevOps
  • Future Consumer
  • Imaging, Printing, Document Solutions and 3D Printing
  • Intelligent ERP
  • IT Industry
  • Services
  • Smart Cities and Communities

ESG is a growing movement greatly advanced by the effects of the pandemic and the climate crisis. With the rise of the digital world, new opportunities are opened for organizations to integrate technology into ESG efforts. To grow and transform into a resilient digital business, the incorporation of ESG values in the organization is vital; a sound strategy for sustainable growth and development, and profitability.

Topic covered

  • Sustainability

Created to guide technology suppliers on the dynamics, tech-buying patterns, and go-to-market approaches needed to effectively reach and engage digital-native organizations, the aim of this focus area is to help start-ups, scales ups, disruptors, emerging tech companies, and SMBs to build trust in their brand, expand reach, and drive lead generation and revenue.

Topics covered

  • Digital Business
  • Digital Native Business/SMB

Every industry and sector utilizes technology and ICTs at some level. Industry will take a deep-dive into how technology patterns and other trends in these different sectors will change, such as in: banking, education, petrochemicals/gas, government, utility supply chain, manufacturing, and many more.

Topics covered

  • Capital Markets
  • Corporate Banking
  • Digital Lending
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality, Dining and Travel
  • Insurance
  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Product/Service Innovation
  • Mining
  • National Government
  • Oil and Gas
  • Payments
  • Retail
  • Retail Banking
  • Supply Chain
  • Utilities

Slice through the Storms of Disruption in the Era of Digital Business and chart a new course in an unpredictable business climate as IDC unveils its annual predictions for Asia/Pacific

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