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IDC & Foundry are joining forces to present 'The Next Big Thing' (TNBT) in events in Asia/Pacific. As a pivotal multi-day event that captures the evolving landscape of the business world in the digital age, our event partners will benefit from:

  • Data-backed buyer conversations courtesy of IDC market research
  • Narrative storytelling in form of engaging content
  • Partner capabilities framed in the language the audience will easily relate to
  • Multi-channel and multi-format approaches that resonate with customer demands
  • Face time and orchestrated networking with IT and business decision-makers
  • Wider outreach to combined audience across multiple co-located events – Asian Financial Services, AI & GenAI, Clean Tech & ESG Reporting, Cybersecurity, and more

TNBT will make its debut this 2024 in Asia Pacific excluding Japan and India.

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Content, Context, and Communication Tailored Fit to C-Level Executives

Conversations That Matter

Our events are where tech leaders and tech sellers meet to discuss the most pressing tech disruptions, anticipated market disruptions and challenges and opportunities to leapfrog competition so that the C-Suite can make informed, outcome-based business decisions backed by IDC market intelligence and experts.

Building Connections

Establish connections and extend your brand’s reach to combined audience from both IDC & Foundry across multiple industries including C-Levels, Directors and key decision makers through unrivaled networking opportunities and lead generation whether in a physical or virtual setting.

Expert Speakers

Discussions are led by industry and technology experts with intimate knowledge of regional and country markets. Thought leaders including IDC Analysts, technologists and an ecosystem of award-winning industry leaders .from the IDC Future Enterprise Awards and Foundry’s CIO100, CIO50, and CSO30 Awards.

Audience Centric Campaigns

To reach your target audience, it’s imperative to use the right medium. Whether in-person or virtual, videos or podcasts, or a fully integrated marketing campaign, our storytelling capabilities will help you captivate your audience’s attention and meet your event and business goals.

Upcoming 2024 Asia/Pacific Events

Event Title Locations Link
AI Everywhere at TNBT Singapore; Bangkok, Thailand; Sydney, Australia; Seoul, South Korea; Shanghai, China Learn more
AI Everywhere Forum Tokyo, Japan Learn more
Artificial Intelligence Conclave 2024 India - Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Gurugram Learn more
Asian Financial Services Congress at TNBT Conference Singapore Learn more
CIO Summit New Delhi, India; Tokyo, Japan; Auckland, New Zealand Learn more
CIO100 Symposium & Awards Bengaluru, India Learn more
CSO100 Awards & Symposium Jaipur, India Learn more
CSO Summit at TNBT Conference Singapore; Bangkok, Thailand; Sydney, Australia; Shanghai, China Learn more
Digital Platform Forum Tokyo, Japan Learn more
EDGE Conference Gold Coast, Australia; Beijing, China; Singapore Learn more
EDGE Awards Sydney, Australia; Beijing, China; Singapore; Auckland, New Zealand Learn more
Enterprise Infrastructure Forum Tokyo, Japan Learn more
Financial Services Symposium Mumbai, India; Beijing, China; Bangkok, Thailand Learn more
Future of Workstyle Forum Tokyo, Japan Learn more
IT Sustainability Forum Tokyo, Japan Learn more
Security Forum Tokyo, Japan Learn more
Security Roadshow India - Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Gurugram Learn more
TNBT Awards Singapore, Sydney, Australia; Shanghai, China; Seoul, South Korea, Bangkok, Thailand Learn more

For more detailed information about our upcoming events, download our 2024 Event Calendar.

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IDC is the preferred partner for thought leadership events, business forums, and C-Level custom engagements within the tech industry. We offer marketing solutions and services tailored fit specifically to enterprise’s needs and requirements. Join us in analyzing the future of tech and be in its foreground.

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