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IDC organizes a wide range of events around the world designed to create ongoing dialogue across business communities about the way the world perceives the impact of technology on business and society. IDC’s events portfolio offers an array of solutions to engage with your target audience, transitioning from prospects to existing customers along the buying cycle.

IDC events are part of a strategic journey designed to generate interest, build awareness, and encourage participation.

Content, Context, and Communication Tailored Fit to C-Level Executives

Conversations That Matter

IDC Asia/Pacific Events provide an avenue where the most pressing issues, anticipated market disruptions and challenges, trends and opportunities are discussed so that C-Level executives can make informed, outcome-based business decisions backed by IDC market intelligence and expert analysts.

Building Connections

With its established influence in the business community, and a growing 120,000+ IDC Arena subscriber base, IDC Asia/Pacific Events put together key decision makers, leaders, and motivators allowing unrivaled networking opportunities and lead generation whether in a physical or virtual setting.

Expert Speakers

Discussions are led by industry and technology experts with intimate knowledge of regional and country markets. Thought leaders including IDC Analysts, technologists, and innovators are handpicked for each event ensuring that all insights to be shared are credible, valuable and unbiased.

Communication Plan and Formats

To reach the target audience, it's imperative to use the right medium. IDC Asia/Pacific Events invests in an integrated marketing campaign to guarantee that event goals are met. Additionally, IDC Asia/Pacific Events provides flexibility for delegates to join physically or online through IDC Arena – our in-house on-demand content hub.

Partnership Opportunities Lead to Real Impact, Real Growth and Unmatched ROI

IDC Speaker

Leverage IDC analysts’ strong local market presence and expertise

IDC Content

Insightful and fact-based content that will attract key decision makers

IDC End User Community

A broad, actively engaged delegate database of at least 120,000 and extensive relationships with C-level, IT, and business decisions makers and influencers


Gather campaign indicators and feedback on overall audience engagement


Amplify your visibility through integrated and co-branded marketing campaigns, as well as exposure to a significantly growing community over 120,000 in IDC Arena, the home of next-level infotainment


Engage decision makers and develop meaningful post-event relationships

Upcoming Asia/Pacific Events

Event Location(s) Format Link
Singapore Physical Learn more

IDC Industrial Internet Forum

China Physical Learn more

IDC Security Forum

Japan Physical Learn more
Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines,
India, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Japan
Physical/Hybrid Learn more
Singapore Physical Learn more
Australia, New Zealand, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand,
Philippines, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan
Physical/Hybrid Learn more
China, Singapore, India Physical Learn more
China Physical Learn more
India, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia,
Thailand, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore
Physical/Hybrid Learn more

IDC Storage Vision

Japan Virtual Learn more

IDC Enterprise Infrastructure Forum

Japan Physical Learn more

IDC Future of Workstyle Forum

Japan Physical Learn more

IDC is the preferred partner for thought leadership events, business forums, and C-Level custom engagements within the tech industry. We offer marketing solutions and services tailored fit specifically to enterprise’s needs and requirements. Join us in analyzing the future of tech and be in its foreground.

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