IDC Custom Solutions for Asia/Pacific

What if you could harness the power of research to drive your business forward? With IDC as your strategic partner, you can uncover thought leadership opportunities and innovative best practices to optimize engagement with your target markets in Asia/Pacific.

Using our proprietary framework that leads through your entire business and technology life cycle, IDC helps you:

  • Develop relevant, impactful marketing messages and campaigns to engage your audience
  • Educate sales on trends and customer needs to help them position solutions
  • Grow your business via insights into your brand, product and customers
  • Make informed decisions for planning and budgeting
  • Measure all aspects of your business

IDC Custom Solutions develops and delivers programs designed around your specific business goals. Using a foundation of research and insights across technologies, geographies, and industries, we merge expertise across practice areas that span strategy, sales and marketing, and business measurement, and management to help you grow your business in the digital era.


3rd party competitive analysis, market benchmarking, strategy validation, opportunity identification

  • Assessment
  • Control
  • Compensation


Strategic decisions based on insights, data, and expert advice

  • Strategy Development
  • Budgeting and Resourcing
  • Organizational Planning


Improve demand generation, achieve faster conversion rates, increase revenue, and develop long-term customer and partner relationships

  • Awareness and Consideration
  • Demand Generation
  • Sales Enablement
  • Customer and Partner Loyalty

Practices designed around your specific goals

Explore all our practice areas aligned with your business’ growth objectives

IDC Asia/Pacific’s Custom Analytics Practice

IDC’s Custom Analytics practice provides actionable market intelligence that focuses your organization on a common, single version of the truth, reducing time and resources deployed by your teams. This enables confident allocation of capital and personnel, and timely measurement of market performance.