How Will Artificial Intelligence Change the Asia/Pacific Business Landscape?

With growing adoption rates across the region and around the world, Artificial Intelligence is quickly emerging to be one of the biggest game-changers in the Digital Transformation era, creating a new paradigm for individuals, business, industries, economies and governments; shaping the future of intelligence in organizations and in workers.

And rightly so, according to IDC's recently-concluded APeJ AI Enterprise Adoption Survey, which reveals that AI will create differentiating value for its adopters. Organizations, especially those that take early strides to adopt this in their operations, will benefit from the greater predictability, efficiency, and innovation that AI can bring.

The positive impact of AI is already visible across banking, manufacturing, healthcare, government, and even education. But as evidenced by one of the key survey findings, as more industries look into AI adoption, the use cases for AI are plenty. No use case received more than 10% of votes from survey respondents, although automated facility and asset management, including intelligent sensor or video analytics, received slightly higher mentions. This shows the region has only started to scratch the surface of AI's transformative impact, and there will be more use cases to come as adoption of the technology matures and impacts more industries.

  • Please rank the top 3 use cases you are expecting a significant positive business impact from adoption of Cognitive/AI Systems.

Improved business insight has become the most important driver behind use of the technology, according to more than half (52 percent) of respondents. Other key drivers include enhanced process automation (51 percent) and improved productivity (42 percent).

In solidifying their strategy to turn AI into a differentiator for the business, organizations are realizing that data-readiness will be a key component that will determine the success of AI implementation. Companies across the region find that data from Sales, Commerce and Marketing are the most ready, followed by that from Customer Service & Support operations, and IT, Security & Risk operations. For those already embarking on their data-to-insights journey, there are varied challenges across sectors. Organizations in the financial services space face more challenges in data federation and model building, while public sector organizations are hindered by data readiness issues.

  • What are the key barriers inhibiting deployment of Cognitive/AI systems in your business today?

Truly, the cognitive/AI solution market is fast growing in APeJ and the demand within enterprises will mostly rise due to increased pressure to reduce operational cost. Organizations need to take note that the availability, quality and continuity of scenario-specific training data should be reviewed to best utilize cognitive/AI technologies. Partnering with the right technology partner to implement AI will also be critical. Of the 21 named vendors in IDC's survey/report, respondents rank Microsoft Azure, Amazon AI Services, IBM Watson, Alibaba PAI2.0/ ET, and Huawei HiAI as the top 5 solution platforms they are actively using or are considering using.

IDC's Asia/Pacific Enterprise Cognitive/AI survey is an annual study undertaken to understand adoption trends, challenges and key barriers, and business priorities in the space. In 2018, a total of 502 executives and IT line-of-business heads across Asia Pacific (excluding Japan), were surveyed including 146 respondents from Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand). Key data from the survey can help technology vendors craft their go-to-market messaging, as well as zero in on customers' pain points with regard to AI adoption. For more information on this survey, click here.

IDC will be hosting a free FutureScape 2019 webinar for Cognitive/AI which will discuss the key predictions that will impact the business analytics and cognitive software market over the next three to five years. Expect to have a better understanding of how to guide your customers in managing the implications of predicted changes on their IT investment priorities and AI implementation strategies. Register for the webinar here.

The APeJ and China market implications of these 2019 Predictions for AI will also be revealed come January 15th when the regional documents are expected to be published. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to be alerted of when these reports are published.


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