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Supply Chain Technology Leaders in Asia/Pacific

IDC Supply Chain Technology Leaders is a recognition program that celebrates outstanding achievements in the integration and digital transformation of physical, informational, and financial flows between organizations, creating interdependencies that increase performance, customer engagement, and support sustainable outcomes (ESG).

With supply chain disruptions creating conditions that make global headlines, Asia Pacific manufacturers need to improve supply chain resilience and reduce risk as a number two priority after product quality (2021 IDC Manufacturing Insights Survey).

We’re looking for leading organizations who have made continuous transformation a part of their operating culture to join this community to share insights, incubate new business models and capabilities, and accelerate the adoption of digital supply chain technologies.

Recognition Categories

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Why Nominate?

Recent disruptions are creating conditions that make headlines. Lack of supply chain visibility, increased demand variability, longer lead times, and increased transportation costs have combined to create conditions that leave those who use manual supply chain management techniques in the dark.

Leading organizations realize that technology enables supply chain resilience and reduces risk. As a result, they have embarked on a journey with other supply chain ecosystem partners to improve their supply chain resilience, developing capabilities that allow for agility and visibility.

About IDC Supply Chain Research

IDC Supply Chain is a transformative program arming manufacturers, distributors, and logistics service providers (logistics SPs) with specific knowledge to understand the convergence of supply chain planning and execution with product life cycle and supplier management, logistics execution, and operations; guides planning and selection and enables deployment of advanced technologies to support operational performance within the organization and across the supply chain business network. Learn More

Panel of Judges

Simon Ellis is responsible for providing research, analysis and guidance on key business and IT issues for manufacturers.

Simon Ellis

Program Vice President

Raymon has over twenty five years experience in the Logistics industry as an end user and service provider.

Dr. Raymon Krishnan

President, The Logistics and Supply Chain Management Society

Keith Carter is an Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore (NUS) School of Computing, Department of Information Systems and Analytics.

Keith Carter

Program Director
NUS FinTech SG

Wolfgang Lehmacher is a global supply chain and technology strategist, board member, advisor and business angel. He gained extensive industry and leadership experience as senior executive and partner in businesses and institutions worldwide.

Wolfgang Lehmacher

Former Director Supply Chain, Transport Industries at the World Economic Forum

Dr. Yongjian Li is currently a full professor and department chair on Management Science and Engineering at Business School of Nankai University, China. He received his Ph.D. degree in Control Theory & Control Engineering from Nankai University, China in June 2002. His research interests include: reverse logistics management, sustainable supply chain management, supply chain disruption management, behavioral operations management, operations management and innovations in the digital economy, etc.

Dr. Yongjian Li

Professor & Department Chair, Management Science and Engineering
Nankai University

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Program Manager

Ravikant Sharma

Nomination Lead

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