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While this Chapter ushered in the major 3rd Platform technologies; Cloud, Big Data, Social, and Mobile; it was also a time of siloed information and workstyles. These innovative technologies were not highly integrated, and single-point products forced customers to be system integrators.

Defining Characteristics

Incremental Change

While major technologies emerged in this chapter, the rate of change for platforms and solutions happened slowly and separately from one another.

Low Connectivity

Most products and platforms were siloed, making it difficult if not impossible to move data across platforms, creating narrow, specialized workstyles.

Customer Empowerment

Platform silos meant that customers had to become system integrators, but this experimentation also led to new avenues of customer empowerment.

Multiplied Innovation

An increased ease in sharing data and information triggered a tectonic shift; new Innovation Accelerator technologies appeared to enhance existing 3rd Platform solutions, and data itself became valuable in its own right.

Defining Characteristics

Rapid Change

Advances in technology meant silos started breaking down, and technologies could be combined and recombined to create new value at a much faster pace than before.

Expanding Use Cases

The 4 Pillar technologies from the first chapter have matured, and platforms and new technologies were built around them to expand their use cases and value.

Data as a Service

The ease of sharing and analyzing data and information fostered the creation of Data as a Service (DaaS), which has created new ways for data to be utilized and monetized.


Looking ahead, products, services, and experiences will all become more autonomous, with advanced optics, voice recognition, robotics, automated blockchain, and large-scale tech miniaturization becoming distinctive traits of 3rd Chapter technology.

Defining Characteristics

Exponential Change

The nature of innovation is more autonomous, self-learning and self-iterative. This leads to shorter product development cycles assisted by intelligent systems.

Invisible Technology

Technology will be integrated into and across experiences. Tomorrow's consumer technology will be highly intelligent and anticipative of consumer preferences.

At-Scale Personalization

Markets can now offer mass personalization at scale, giving "super powers" to a significant number of new trades. Technology plays a heavy influence in these roles, and skills start to migrate away from workers.

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The 3 Chapters of 3rd Platform Evolution

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