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Don't get left behind as industry transforms into Digital Native Enterprises. IDC provides the guidance to lead your organization to a successful digital transformation. Technology is the underpinning of DX. Learn everything from roadmaps to the new KPIs that will measure success for the future business, as industry inreasingly depends on digital products, services, and channels.

Digital Transformation (DX) means applying new technologies to radically change processes, customer experience, and value. DX allows organizations to become Digital Native Enterprise that support innovation and digital disruption rather than enhancing existing technologies and models.

Organizations that have advanced to the "Digital Transformer" stage are rapidly pulling away from the rest - creating the beginning of a rift that will ultimately leave organizations on either side of the thrivers or survivors.

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IDC has identified five key areas that keep many organizations from truly transforming and gives you paths to overcome them and thrive as a Digital Native Enterprise.

IDC's Accelerated Pathways to Digital Transformation

Digital Native Enterprise - Disruptive Innovation is Business as Usual

  • DX Performance

    Scorecard Critical Success Metrics and KPIs

    Outdated KPIs hold back many organizations. IDC has developed a series of new KPIs for each dimension of your digital strategy from leadership and operations to workforce and data capitalization. Updated KPIs are critical to measuring and communicating DX progress.

    Learn more  about Scorecard Critical Success Metrics and KPIs
  • DX Organization

    Embedding Digital in the Business Structure

    IT Organizations evolve as DX Maturity evolves. IDC has identified 4 organizational models for DX. Learn more about transformation from IT through special projects to a fully embedded Digital Business Unit. Business initiatives and joint IT & Business Funds projects now dominate IT technology initiative spending at 65% of all IT spending.

    Learn more  about Embedding Digital in the Business Structure
  • DX Capabilities

    Prioritizing the Industry Use Case Journey

    While large numbers of businesses are starting to focus and devote budget to areas such as operating models or customer experience, they need to explore wider techniques. IDC has identified the capabilities needed to create transformation and move toward long-term business ends.

    Learn more  about Prioritizing the Industry Use Case Journey
  • DX Roadmap

    Reshaping Business and Technology Expertise

    While large numbers of business are starting to focus budget to new areas such as operating models or customer experience, they need focused guidance. IDC has identified and defined over 450 industry-specific use cases that are paramount for digital roadmaps.

    Learn more  about Reshaping Business and Technology Expertise
  • DX Platform

    Re-architecting for Scale

    The new DX Platform needs an intelligent core to integrate both internal and external processes. IDC has created an architecture that places data at the center and allows your organization to continuously evolve its engagement models as it learns.

    Learn more  about Re-architecting for Scale

32% of new technology investments will be driven by digital transformation

Source: IDC LOB Study. N.A. sample n=1067, 2017

"By 2020, 60% of all enterprises will be in the process of implementing an organization wide Digital Platform Strategy"

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