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About IDC


IDC provides content feeds in RSS format for many types of our market research and analysis content. RSS feeds are commonly used bynews aggregators and weblogs for content syndication. To take advantage of IDC content in RSS format, please read our FAQ on the right.

If you would like to create your own custom RSS feed for areas of interest to you, you can do so immediately by setting up an Alert. Simply do a search for your area of interest and then click on the Create New Alert button. The Alerts documentation can be read here.

Click on the links and then copy the URL into your RSS reader.


Why use RSS?

By using these content aggregation methods, users can combine feeds, or "channels", from their favorite sources of content into one source for updates without having to read multiple web sites.

How do I get content delivered to my desktop?

RSS feeds are read by many common applications today, including "news aggregators" - a piece of downloadable software that resides on your PC. There are many different readers available. A list of popular readers can be found here. Once installed, look for the XML icon on or other sites, which typically identifies that an RSS feed is available. Then copy and paste the URL into your news aggregator application.

What IDC content is available?

Over time, IDC will provide new channels of content in RSS format. Please check this list regularly for new channels.

May I use content from IDC's RSS feeds for my web site?

You may link to our RSS feeds for your personal, non-commercial use only. To license IDC and Insights content for your corporate web site, please contact our Go-To-Market Services group at, for more information.