Industry Research for IDC China

IDC’s industry research, also called IDC Insights, offers lines of business (LOB) and IT leaders, as well as the suppliers who serve them, assistance in making technology decisions by providing timely and insightful fact-based research and consulting services.

Energy Insights

IDC Energy Insights

  • Advancing Oil and Gas Strategy
  • Modernizing Utility Infrastructure
  • Optimizing Mining Strategy
  • Distributed Energy Resource

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Financial Insights

IDC Financial Insights

  • Engaging Consumers
  • Managing Risk
  • Blockchain

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Government Insights

IDC Government Insights

  • Enhancing Outcomes-Based Urban Digital Transformation:

    Smart Cities

    • Data-Driven Public Safety
    • Intelligent Transportation
    • Sustainable Urban Planning & Administration
    • Economic Development & Civic Engagement
  • Realizing Tomorrow’s Digital Government

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Health Insights

IDC Health Insights

  • Developing Innovative Treatments
  • Improving Health Delivery
  • Transforming Consumer Engagement

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Manufacturing Insights

IDC Manufacturing Insights

  • Innovating Product Development
  • Optimizing the Supply Chain
  • Transforming Manufacturing
  • Connected Car

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Retail Insights

IDC Retail Insights

  • Creating the Omni-Channel Experience
  • Maximizing Retail Investment
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  • CSP Tech and Industry Trends
  • Thrivers and Survivors in the market
  • Carrier Transformation
  • Communications & Collaboration

Delivering Value to Every Industry

IDC Insights deliver value to every industry by providing answers to burning questions on industries technology and the disruption it causes in various industries



  • How is technology creating value?
  • What is technology should be prioritized?
  • How should I be engaging and building ecosystem?


  • How is the industry being impacted through technology?
  • What processes are being changed?
  • How mature is the industry in process/ technology adoption?
  • What is the impact of business models for the industry and participants in the ecosystem?


  • How is the industry being disrupted?
  • What are other industries doing?
  • What technologies should I be developing?
  • What is the impact on organization and people?

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