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Gain access to an unmatched global data set that helps business leaders target, plan, and execute their most important strategic initiatives. IDC’s proprietary data covers the breadth of the IT industry with more than five billion data points that span:

  • 100

  • 120+
    Technology Markets

  • 20

  • 400+
    Industry Use Cases

Explore Data & Analytics Products Based on Your Role

Enhance your business modeling and corporate strategy with market and competitive insights.

Understanding market size, competitor strengths and weaknesses, and optimal pricing approaches are critical for strategy-focused executives.

Whether you are looking to identify new market opportunities, optimize your partner network, or understand adjacent geographies, industries, and/or technologies, IDC's trusted quantitative data and qualitative insights provide the decision-making guidance you need.

Enable your sales team with world-class data and analytics that will elevate productivity and results.

Sales leaders know that to maximize results and build pipeline they need to make the right decisions in a fast-paced and evolving market. Whether it’s setting targets, developing plans for sales resourcing, or assessing market position, timely intelligence and “from the field” market insights are critical.

IDC offers detailed vendor share by market analysis, views into the purchasing strategies and budgets of the world’s largest tech buyers, and real-times services contract data that help sales teams sell more effectively.

Empower your marketers with robust knowledge that will expand reach and improve campaign effectiveness.

Identifying market trends, understanding your customers, and adding context to your targeting are essential for marketing leaders to gain and maintain a competitive edge. Offering a complete view of spending by tech, industry, and company, our data supplies you with opportunities to view mega trends and deep market segmentation.

By using IDC’s data visualization tools and analytics, you can provide your marketing team with vital information to captivate, convert, and retain customers.

Equip your analyst relations experts with analyst data and content at the local, regional, and global level to align solutions with strategy.

Cultivating initiatives, collaborating with industry analysts, and recognizing the right direction to drive insightful conversations are necessary for capturing a balanced view of the market. To achieve your company’s goals, you need IDC’s highly-segmented data that spans across dimensions specific to your needs.

Offering intelligence from key technology vendors and detailed technology market forecasts, IDC helps combine local analyst insights with global technology opinion, giving you the full picture needed to increase awareness and knowledge-sharing.


Optimize your partner network to establish and enhance relationships and shape your strategic plan.

Respond more effectively to opportunities and threats by knowing how to assess and leverage technologies, identify potential partner activities, and find areas of saturation. Whether you are interested in vendor/partner gap assessment, competitor benchmarking, or partner coverage, our dynamic insights provide the details you need down to the industry, geography, and city level.

With IDC’s Channel Partner Ecosystem, you can develop channels and strategic alliances that allow you to accomplish key business objectives.

Our global network of analysts collaborate to provide the industry’s gold standard for IT market data and analytics.

Whether your role is in Market Intelligence, Strategy, Marketing, Sales, or Channels & Alliances, our portfolio creates a toolkit that your organization can use to:

  • Build a detailed TAM
  • Optimize your partner network
  • Pinpoint opportunities by industry or use case
  • Define customer targets
  • Evaluate the competitive landscape
  • Build your sales pipeline

Your single source for trusted, global ICT market data.

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