CIO Summit 2023 India, Goa

Changing Gears – Accelerating towards “CIO of the future” |Live. Thrive. Strive|

In-Person Event | Majorda
May 4 - May 6, 2023

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While 2020-22 were eventful years for enterprises in general and CIOs in particular, 2023-24 would not be any different. While the air around pandemic clears, new challenges emerge. Cost of IT will come under tighter scrutiny which will force CIOs to deliver more value at lower cost. On the other hand initiatives around ESG, innovation, cybersecurity, regulations, and skill shortages will push the cost of IT up.  Balancing conflicting priorities becomes critical.

CIOs need to embark on three journeys to accelerate towards becoming

“CIO of the Future” – Live, Thrive and Strive

Not sequentially, but in parallel




Key Topics

  • Managing Skill Gaps – Best Practices
  • Digital India – Digital Push by Government
  • Sustainability- How Important is it? Why and How to Go About it?
  • How Should the Next Gen CIO Look Like?

Reasons to Visit

Join more than 100+ C-suite decision makers from leading organizations across India

IDC & Foundry CIO Summit 2023 will be attended by CIOs and senior IT leadership from enterprises across domains who are leading the digital transformation journey from the front. This is an invite only event.

Get a head start on the market with insights from our leading analysts. Get inspired by visionary speakers with regional & country-specific use cases. Maximize your time with insights and solutions to grow your business. Be surprised by unique networking opportunities with other IT leaders Interactive sessions. A residential conference with opportunity to experience the sun, beach and picturesque city.

CIO Summit 2023 India, Goa Partners

Roundtable Partner
Roundtable Partner


Alila Diwa Goa

48/10, Adao Waddo, Majorda, Goa 403713

Alila Diwa Goa is a five-star retreat in South Goa with pristine tropical outdoors, state-of-the-art conveniences and unparalleled hospitality. An extraordinary experience in luxury destination travel. Attendees of the event are sure to have a great time, enjoying sessions in the day and close proximity to the beach in the evening.

Save Your Seat

LIVE: This journey revolves around the key priorities that organizations should focus to live in the unsettled conditions of 2023.

THRIVE: Thrive is all about taking the right bets that enable you with flexibility, better control and building a culture of continue data analysis to drive business value.

STRIVE: This journey focuses on the value created for customers when enterprises try new technologies and industries collaborate.

IDC & Foundry invite you for CIO Summit 2023 at Alila Diwa Goa from May 04-06, where our speakers explore how to accelerate towards “CIO of the future”.

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