IDC Partner Transformation Framework

IDC’s "Partner Transformation Framework” aims to help ICT partners assess their current capabilities & identify gaps across the key vectors of Business, Skills & Technology. This offering can also be leveraged by technology vendors to assess the readiness of their partners and thereby align the right partners towards tech vendors 3rd platform roadmap.

In this program, Partner Transformation Framework; Miller Heiman Group, Inc., a leading consulting firm will be providing it services to support the Partner ecosystem to improve sales performance and customer management excellence.

This unique service aims to address the following critical challenges faced by the IT Channel Partners in India:

  • Changing Customer Needs: Reactive and transactional customer engagement models are no longer delivering the best results for the channel partners. Channel Partners are required to have a deeper understanding of their customer challenges and accordingly provide a consultative and customized service which brings in value to the customer.
  • Changing IT Landscape: Channel Partners are constantly facing the challenge of changing IT technology landscape. The emergence of 3rd Platform technologies such as mobility, analytics, cloud, IoT are challenging the current business models of channel partners hence, forcing them to transform for their existence.
  • Loss of revenue/profitability: One of the key challenges that channel partners continue to face is around sustaining profitability. One of the major contributors to shrinking margins of channel partners is unable to acquire or uplift the specialized skills required to sell and deploy 3rd platform technologies. This in tern is leading to longer sales cycles and thereby impacting the overall revenue and profitability of channel partners.

We help channel partners in defining the roadmap to transform their business to grow, remain relevant to customers and remain profitable.


With IDC's Partner Transformation Framework, channel partners will be able to:

  • Improve/enhance customer engagement: Enhance understanding of industry and customer business to deliver personalized and consultative experience. Thereby providing enhanced business value to customers and leading to improved revenue for partners.
  • Transform business offerings: Develop or improve offerings by understanding the changing IT landscape and its impact on customer needs.
  • Enable/empower employees: Enable employees by providing relevant tools, insights and improved internal collaboration to improve agility in meeting changing customer demands.

Want to be the trusted partners of vendors and your customers?

IDC Partner Transformation Framework will allow you to identify your areas of strengths, opportunities to target and transform skills to be ready for the future, drive value conversations and position yourself as the trusted partner for both vendors and customers in the era of co-creation.

To Know more about IDC's Partner Transformation Framework please contact Smriti Singh, Associate Director, Consulting, IDC India at or call at +91- 124-476-2300, 334