Asia/Pacific Digital Transformation Strategies

Digital transformation (DX) is leveraging 3rd Platform technologies such as cloud, mobile, big data, and social, coupled with organizational, operational, and business model innovation to create new ways of operating and growing businesses. IDC's Asia/Pacific Digital Transformation Strategies research program studies the transformation efforts of organizations across five critical dimensions (leadership, omni-experience, data, operating model, and worksource) in their use of 3rd Platform technologies.

This program examines organizations' maturity, key market trends, competitive landscape, and end-user buying behavior from an IT and LOB standpoint. The research looks at the impact of this transformation on people/skills, processes and technology, and the different buying centers. Users can expect both quantitative data and qualitative insights as well as strategies for revenue growth in the marketplace. By combining both supply and demand perspectives, this research helps vendors identify key areas of growth across countries and industries.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Maturity assessment of digital transformation across industries and Asia/Pacific (AP) countries
  • Current and future trends shaping digital demand in AP
  • End-user buying behavior trends and expectations
  • Impact of digital transformation on software markets: Marketing, ERP, CRM, analytics, commerce, social/collaboration, analytics, and HR/talent management
  • Impact on services and infrastructure
  • Leadership, omni-experience, data, operating model, and worksource transformation trends
  • Customer experience (CX) and marketing/CMO insights
  • How is the CIO role evolving to address digital transformation?
  • Competitive landscape and ecosystems
  • Tech buyer spending

Core Research

  • Asia/Pacific DX MaturityScape Benchmark
  • IT Buyer Strategies and Plans (Survey Based)
  • PeerScape Research — Industry Best Practices Research Across DX
  • Case Studies and Buyer Conversations
  • Market Sizing and Forecast
  • Digital Transformation FutureScape — AP Predictions
  • Market Analysis Perspective (MAP) — Current and Future View of the Market
  • Applications (e.g., CRM, HR, and ERP) Vendor Shares and Forecast and Impact of DX

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. What is digital transformation?
  2. Which technologies are being adopted, and what is the impact on legacy infrastructure?
  3. What are the key trends in the market for digital transformation?
  4. How mature is the Asia/Pacific market with respect to digital transformation?
  5. Which industries are going through digital transformation?
  6. Which parts of the market will grow, and how fast?
  7. Who are the key decision makers in the buying organizations?
  8. Which priorities do Asia/Pacific organizations have?
  9. How is digital transformation changing the competitive landscape?
  10. What are the market shares of the leading vendors, and what are their key strategies in certain application markets?
  11. What are the challenges, priorities, and spending plans for buyers in Asia/Pacific, and how can vendors address them?

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