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Drive your business forward with the power of global
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IDC Custom Solutions develops and delivers programs designed around your specific business goals.

Our foundation of research and insights spans technologies, geographies, and industries. Our expertise across practice areas covers strategy, sales and marketing, and business measurement and management to help your business grow.


Make better informed decisions and focus on the right markets and buyers

IDC can help your business assess the market and understand your customers by establishing where your business opportunity lives. By creating guided investments, shaping your business portfolio, focusing on industry strategy, and assessing the partner ecosystem, IDC can help your business at every stage of the planning cycle.

How IDC can help you plan
Custom Analytics

IDC’s Custom Analytics Practice provides actionable market intelligence that focuses your organization on a common, single version of the truth, reducing time and resources deployed by your teams.

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Buyer Behavior

IDC’s Buyer Behavior Practice integrates unparalleled global primary-market research capabilities, technology market data, and analyst expertise to provide insight into the needs of the business and consumer technology decision-maker.

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Strengthen your customer engagement with trusted, quality content from IDC.

Target today’s hyper-educated buyers with high quality, credible, and accurate content. At IDC, we believe that research-driven insights and customized content will make your brands, products, and services stand out from the competition. That’s why we offer integrated, end-to-end content marketing services.

How IDC can help you market

Develop compelling content, messaging, and campaigns that engage your target audience and move your prospects and customers along the buying cycle.

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Licensed & Customized Content
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Thought Leadership
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Business Value
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Empower your organization to sell more effectively and work more productively.

Learn how to connect and align your marketing and sales efforts by understanding technology industry trends, buyer behavior, and vertical market trends. Leverage training and messaging tailored to specific roles and personas.

How IDC can help you sell

Actionable partner intelligence and tools help companies design, develop, and manage successful partnering programs.

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Sales Enablement

Educate and empower your sales team to understand technology market dynamics and understand today’s buyers.

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IDC Custom Solutions Teams

Jonathan Share

Senior Vice President, Worldwide Custom Solutions

Steve Fontaine

Group Vice President, Custom Solutions, General Manager

Jason Cunliffe

Group Vice President, Content Marketing Services

Mark Winther

Group Vice President and Consulting Partner, Worldwide Telecommunications

Keith Bagley

Vice President, Operations, Custom Solutions

Margaret Dings

Vice President, Services Consulting

Ashley Gilliam

Consulting Vice President

Carol Glasheen

Vice President, Quantitative Research Group, Custom Solutions

Heather Levinson

Vice President, Systems & Network Infrastructure Consulting

Marcia Loewenstein

Consulting Vice President, Semiconductors and Consumer Digital

Chris Picanso

Vice President, Custom Solutions, Project Resource Office & Content Marketing Services

Andrew Ware

Vice President, Enterprise Software and Cloud Services Custom Solutions

Jason Allard

Project Specialist

Stephanie Artigliere

Consulting Manager

Caroline Black

Senior Marketing Manager

Maria Burtseva

Consulting Manager

Amy Catalogna

Engagement Manager

Boyd Chastant

VP, Worldwide Custom Analytics Practice

Amy Ching

Consulting Associate

Becky Diercks

Consulting Director, Telecom Consulting

Brad Dillon

Consulting Director, WW Custom Analytics Practice

Kim Estelo

Consulting Associate

Allison Fantony

Consulting Manager, Infrastructure, Developer & Alliances Custom Solutions Domain

Andy Fong

Consulting Director, Global Research & Executive Advisory

Lauren Hutchings

Consulting Manager, Storage & Security Custom Solutions

Donald Jin

Consulting Director, Worldwide Software Consulting

Carolyn Johnson

Research Manager, Quantitative Research Group, Custom Solutions

Daniel O'Boyle Kelly

Vice President, IDC Global Partnering Practice, Custom Solutions

Brian Klatt

Consulting Director, Services Industry Consulting

Emily Lambert

Video Producer

Matthew Marden

Research Director, Business Value Strategy Practice

Kelly Matthews

Vice President, Custom Analytics Practice

Paul Morrisette

Director, Project Management Office

Andrew Munton

Consulting Director, IDC Insights

Randy Perry

Vice President, Sales Enablement Practice

Jason Rajasegaram

Software Development Manager

Tina Ni Riain

Consulting Director, IDC Insights Consulting

Thomas Richard

Engagement Manager, Custom Solutions, Project Management Office

Megan Santosus

Editorial Manager

Danielle Schwartz

Project Manager

Nancy Selig

Research Vice President, New Product Innovation and Digital Content Architecture

Harsh Singh

Senior Research Analyst, Business Value Strategy Practice

Tony Strattner

Editorial Director

Megan Szurley

Consulting Manager

Ankur Tarnacha

Consulting Director, Worldwide Telecommunications Consulting Group

Karen Weston

Group Operations Manager

Explore our Research Samples and Case Studies

Custom Analytics

Get one source of market intelligence that helps you speed your decision-making process, strategically allocate money and resources, and plan for market entry or expansion.

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Buyer Behavior

Get actionable insights on the buying behavior of business and consumer technology decision-makers to help you make more informed product development and marketing decisions.

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Content Marketing Services

Develop compelling content, messaging, and campaigns that engage your target audience and move your prospects and customers along the buying cycle.

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Business Value

Refocus your sales team on demonstrating the customer value and ROI of your IT solutions so you can generate more leads and shorten the sales cycle.

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Educate and guide your partners to be successful with your solutions. Nurture loyalty with tools and outreach to retain your top-performing partners and train your partners to maximize the value of your partner program.

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Sales Enablement

Ensure sales teams are in the best position to sell more effectively with highly relevant conversations that advance the sales process with prospects and buyers.

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