IDC Insights

IDC Insights

In-depth Insights. Effective Decisions.

Having industry specific knowledge allows you to address the challenges your customers face, target opportunities, and build a more effective strategy.

At every step, industry specific insights help your business. To map solutions to end user demand, both short term and long term. Effectively target key industry areas and personas. Develop messaging customers will respond to. Point your sales and marketing functions towards the best use of resources and find opportunities.

Identify the


Make better informed decisions accurately plan your investments/resources & focus on the right market and buyers

the Industry


Understand your Customers and Buying Centers to build the marketing & sales narrative specific to the customers issues



Empower marketing with quality content that moves prospects and customers along the buying cycle

Build the
Sales Message


Sell more effective by making sales conversations highly relevant to buyers' needs

Access industry and technology expertise to make better informed decisions, build effective lead generation strategies, find opportunities, and create impactful campaigns that will resonate with your customers.

IDC Energy Insights

Digital has transformed utilities and the industry as we know it. There is a laser focus on applying digital technologies to address the future of work, customer engagement, intelligence, operations, and leadership.

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IDC Financial Insights

The European financial sector is rapidly transforming. To navigate this constant change, financial institutions need to identify and prioritize investments and adjust transformation strategies.

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IDC Government Insights

Explore issues around citizen-centricity.

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IDC Health Insights

The purpose of healthcare is maximizing value for patients. Maximizing value in healthcare means delivering integrated personalized services, dynamically adjusted to the evolving needs of target populations.

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IDC Manufacturing Insights

Digitalization in the European Manufacturing industry has never been more compelling. Deploying the right digital technology has now become a race for survival.

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IDC Retail Insights

Over the past two years, we have seen growing awareness that retail innovation goes well beyond pure technology implementation. The commerce everywhere business models operate "commerce" beyond "transaction" and "everywhere" beyond "customer-facing".

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Why you need an industry led sales and marketing strategy

Understanding the specific conditions and drivers impacting your customers' buying decisions is essential to selling to them. In this eBook, we look at how industry-specific information is crucial to find growth opportunities and create successful go-to-market strategies.

Using industry insights to gain competitive advantage

Why is industry intelligence crucial to achieving your business goals? Our industry intelligence portfolio of products helps tech vendors like you to understand the industries you are selling into, target the right buyers and discover how to position your products and services to move prospects along the buyer journey.

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