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IDC’s European market research, data and industry expertise will help you plan everything, from making a specific technology purchase to implementing a digital transformation strategy

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Achieving your goals and driving your business performance is our priority. We're committed to providing the right information for every stage of your journey. Regardless of where you are in your technology road map, IDC has the European research you need, based on real data and a rigorous research methodology.

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IDC's extensive portfolio of subscription services enables our clients to keep abreast of the latest market trends and empowers you to make the most well-informed decisions for your organization.

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The new technology trends and topics you should bear in mind when implementing your business strategy.

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Emerging Technologies

Explore the technologies that can change the status quo and find out how they can help business’ digital transformation and innovation.

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We invite you to join our IDC European CISO Hub, a community that meets virtually once a month to discuss IDC’s thought-leading security research and connect it to key challenges of the CISO community

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IDC Insights

Advising on Technology in the Context of Industry

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IDC Manufacturing Insights

Not All Doom and Gloom: The Renewed Case for Digitalization in European Manufacturing

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IDC European Awards

IDC Awards celebrate examples of trailblazing European organizations using technology to transform what they do and achieve great things.

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How is Spending on Various App Dev and Delivery Categories Likely to Evolve in 2023 Based on December 2022 Business Sentiment?

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IDC Market Glance: Customer Experience in Europe, 1Q23

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Striving for Digital-First Status: Why Do So Many Digital Projects Not Reach Completion?

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IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Future of Trust 2023 Predictions — European Implications

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Digital Sovereignty: Building Greater Security, Trust, and Business Resilience in Europe

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European Dedicated Cloud IT Infrastructure Market Update and Forecast

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How Are European Businesses Reacting to High Energy Costs, and What Does This Mean for the Utilities That Serve Them?

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How Do Additional Expectations of Print Providers Vary by Customer Size?

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The Future of Supply Chain Management: Objectives, Priorities, and the Importance of Technology for Supply Chain Leaders

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The Pulse of IT in the European Healthcare Market: Key Deals and Initiatives, October-December 2022

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