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European Telco 2025: Digital Services Transformation in the 5G Era

In the 5G era, Telcos are becoming an integral part of digital value creation chains, transforming business and operations. This change affects their internal business (how they operate their networks and deploy IT, how they innovate), but also how they develop and sell new services, engage with and support customers, and how they position themselves within complex ecosystems to address emerging opportunities across both consumer and enterprise markets. Digital Services Transformation in the 5G Era presents IDC's insights into how fixed and mobile operators can evolve their strategy and their service portfolios to thrive in a digital future. To do this, it examines how telcos will employ emerging technologies (such as 5G, edge computing, AI, IoT) and innovative sustainable business models to deliver and monetize digital services.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Transformation and evolution of telco service offerings in 5G era across consumer and enterprise markets
  • Opportunities enabled by 5G development and emerging technologies: edge, artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT
  • Evolution of telco communications services in the OTT era
  • Major trends in service pricing, bundling, and marketing
  • The Evolution of Telcos’ Enterprise Business Models
  • European Telcos' Consumer Strategies
  • The expansion of telcos' role into banking and payments
  • Business cases around sustainability offerings

Core Research

  • Market Analysis Perspective: European Telco 2025 — Services Transformation
  • 5G Goes Commercial: Early Experiences and Future
  • Effectiveness of European Telcos' Consumer Strategies
  • 5G in Vertical Applications: Media & Entertainment
  • European AI Survey, 2020: What Telcos Need to Know
  • Telco Data Monetisation Strategies
  • Edge Computing Opportunities for Telcos
  • The 5G Core and the Transition from NSA to SA
  • AI/ML Use Cases in Telco Services
  • Mobile Banking: Balancing Innovation and Privacy
  • The Evolution of Telcos’ Enterprise Business Models
  • Private 5G Networks: The Market Opportunity
  • Telcos' Roles and Use Cases in Digital Industry
  • The Telco IoT Opportunity
  • Sustainability as a Competitive Tool for Telcos
  • •EMEA Mobile Services Forecast Update, 2021-2025

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. How are telcos reshaping their position in the digital economy?
  2. Which emerging technologies and business models do telcos need to address and how?
  3. What are the long-term scenarios and possibilities in 5G era for telcos in Europe?
  4. What will be the telco revenue growth engines of the future?
  5. How should telcos engage with customers and partners?
  6. Where are the opportunities and the competitive threats in consumer and enterprise markets?
  7. How will changing consumer and business behaviour affect what telcos sell ?
  8. How do Providers demonstrate the value of their sustainability offering and how to incorporate these concepts into business propositions?

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Meet the Experts
Dusanka Radonicic

Senior Research Analyst, Telecoms & Networking

Rosalind Craven

Research Manager, EMEA Mobility