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DevSecFinOps — The New World of Collaboration: Key Insights from IDC's European DevOps Summit


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Table of Contents

  • Executive Snapshot

    • Figure: Executive Snapshot: Connecting for Business Success: DevSecFinOps — The New World of Collaboration

  • New Market Developments and Dynamics

    • Moving the Needle for Mindset Change and Unified Thinking

    • Shifting to Day 2 Engineering and Beyond

    • Figure: Software Development Lead Times for a Feature Release/Change Request

  • Key Themes

    • The Role of Platform Engineering

    • Figure: The Role of Platform Engineering

    • Developer Experience and Empowerment

    • Security Strategies for Cloud-Native Environments

    • Database Strategies for Cloud-Native Environments

    • Sustainable Software Engineering — Where to Start?

    • Figure: Golden Paths to Collaboration Across DevOps, FinOps, and GreenOps to Drive Sustainable Software Engineering Practices

    • Skills: The Upskilling Challenge

  • Advice for the Technology Supplier AND Services Provider

  • Learn More

    • Related Research

    • Synopsis