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IDC's consulting develops and delivers activities designed around your specific business goals using a foundation of research and insights across technologies, and industries, as well as expertise across practice areas that span strategy, sales and marketing, and business measurement and management.

IDC consultants are ready to help you answer the following transformational questions:

Where are emerging market opportunities?
Tapping into unrivalled market insights, IDC will help you identify new, attractive market segments, provide guidance on competitive strategies, aid your understanding of customer preferences, and support you through customer procurement processes.
How can I effectively launch new products and services?
Your success depends on your ability to enter new markets ahead of your key competitors. IDC will help you refine your value proposition, identify the right verticals to enter, provide guidance on portfolio, competitor, and sales & marketing strategies, and identify best practices for organizational redesign.
How can I optimally deliver my value proposition?
IDC Consulting provides you with fast and relevant intelligence on your markets, segments, competitors, customers, and ecosystem to help you understand and track your market position.

How to capitalize on new technology market opportunities


Opportunity Assessment:
Market Assessment, Competitor Analysis, Customer Analysis

Strategy & Planning:
Market Entry Strategy, Growth Strategy

Lead Generation, Channel Development, Sales Enablement

Integrated Marketing

Get closer to your customers through the power of content.

In a digital world awash with content it is vital that your marketing strategy is based on high impact thought leading content that guides your prospects and customers at every stage of the buyers’ journey. IDC develops Integrated Marketing Campaigns for leading IT Vendors that drives brand awareness, demand & lead generation and ultimately revenue using premium content assets and engagement techniques that are supported by objective fact based research. Thought leadership content and insights will engage your target audience and provide your buyer with relevant information to make an informed purchase decision. Our approach is to help you develop strategic integrated marketing campaigns which address the needs of technology buyers and influencers at each stage of their journey: Explore, Evaluate, Purchase, Expand, Renew, Advocate.

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